"RIP Cousin Victor
He brewed a batch of bad elixir"         

Cousin Victor's tombstone

―Victor's tombstone shortly after the 1969 opening.

Victor is one of the ghosts from the Haunted Mansion.


In the original family plot of the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland was a tombstone for "Cousin Victor" (implying he was part of the family that used to own the Mansion). His epitaph lets one imagine that Victor usually brewed some home-made alcohol, and died as a result. This could be taken as his elixir was poorly made and poisoned him from lead-poisoning and/or glycol used in the moon-shining process. Another possibility is that he messed up the process and died in an explosion as many did from homemade alcohol creation.


The tombstone was written as a tribute to Vic Greene, one of the chief architects of the Masion. In 1970, to expand the queue, the "Family Plot" that the tombstoe was in was removed. Shortly after, Mr. Greene passed away his widow requested that his tombstone was to be replaced. Because of this request, the tombstone was never replicated at Walt Disney World or Tokyo Disneyland. Around 1973, a few of the tombstones were relocated to the berm, but honoring his widow's wishes, the tombstone was not put back up. In 2000, the Disneyland cemetery was completely removed.

In 2014, his grandson started a petition to have Victor's tombstone put back up in the Mansion. In late 2016, the Berm Cemetery was put back up, along with the tombstone of Cousin Victor.


  • Victor was also the name of a ghost boy in the SLG comics, though it is unlikely that he was named after the obscure "Cousin Victor" tombstone.
  • In the Ghost Post, the Organist is named Victor Geist, although it is also unlikely it refers to this tombstone.
  • The joke is a reference to a now little-known pop song, Cousin Victor's Elixir, written by the Sherman Brothers.
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