The Vampire Teddy Bear is a Nightmare Before Christmas character who appears in the annual Haunted Mansion Holiday overlay of the Haunted Mansions in Tokyo and California.


The Teddy originally appeared in the poem "The Nightmare Before Christmas" by Tim Burton and later on was shown in the 1993 Animated Disney movie of the same name. In both stories the Vampire Teddy was created by the inhabitants of Halloween Town to be a Christmas gift for when they took over Christmas but ultimately the Teddy (as well as the other gifts) turned out to be a nightmarish creation which tormented it's owners by chasing them while snapping it's teeth.



The Vampire Teddy joins the Raven character during the Holiday overlay and appears several times throughout the attraction. It's first appearance is in the Stretching Room where it appears in one of the paintings. After this the Teddy shows up multiple times, firstly shortly after boarding the Doom Buggy where it is shown playing with a spider on a string, after this the Teddy is seen in the Conservatory sitting on the Coffin Occupant's coffin holding a hammer as the Occupant desperately tries to escape from being nailed shut in the coffin.

In the Séance Chamber the Teddy sits on the armchair ringing a pair of bells as Madame Leota recites the Thirteen Days of Christmas poem. Just before the Graveyard sequence the Teddy can be seen sitting on a branch where he is biting on christmas lights which are producing sparks in the teddy's mouth, at the end of the sequence the Teddy is shown sitting on top of the entrance to the Mausoleum while playing a horn along with a giant ice statue.

Tokyo Disneyland

In Tokyo Disneyland the Teddy additionally appears in Sally's arms in the staircase, hiding in a Christmas box as-well as later in the Music Room playing the Piano as Sally listens.


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