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Valentin, also known as Le Desosé (French: The Boneless) is a character found in Phantom Manor.


Valentin was a resident of Thunder Mesa at some point during the 19th century. He was likely francophone and came to be known as Le Desosé or, the Boneless for unknown reasons possibly connected to his demise. Regardless, following his death he was buried in the Boot Hill cemetery adjacent to the haunted Ravenswood Manor.


Phantom Manor

Valentin's tombstone can be found in the exit of Phantom Manor in the Boot Hill area.


  • There are different possibilities regarding the nature of his moniker referencing him being boneless.
    • It is possible he had an accident (likely the one which killed him) which shattered his skeleton resulting in his death.
    • It is also possible that he suffered from a disability or otherwise condition which got him the nickname of being boneless.
    • A combination of the aforementioned possibilities could have occurred as-well.
  • It is possible that Valentin's name was inspired by the historic viking leader Ivar Ragnarsson AKA Ivar the Boneless (Ivar le Désossé in French). The nature of Ivar's, "Bonelessness" is unclear and disputed with it possibly referring to him having lacked legs (as bone and leg translate the same word in certain texts), and some put forward that it was metaphorical regarding his male impotence.