This Blog Post details the mythos which I have created for the original Haunted Mansion found in Disneyland, California.  The story is structured in the form of multiple necrographies for indivisual characters and notable character groups, however the bios themselves are arranged somewhat chronoligically with each one typically featuring the next chapter of the over-arcing story.

Some of the bios may be empty or seem incomplete, these are ones that have not yet fully gotten around to typing out, thankyou.

PART I: The Medium

The Raven

Name: The Raven of Whispering Glade

Life: 1326BC-1313BC

Cause of Death: Fell to Death

Thousands of years before the state of Louisiana was even settled, the forested swampland that would come to be known as "Whispering Glade", was nearly completely uninhabited by most species due to the swampland's dangerous terain of acidid quicksand-like mudpits which poisoned the waters and caused the soil to sink beneath feet.  The only animal which came to live in the glade was a black raven which was abandonned as a chick and came to call the grounds home, however since no other creatures lived on the land, the Raven was forced to hunt outside of the glade.  The Raven lived out most of it's adult life on the grounds until it died chasing a small bird through the forested area of the glade and it's wing got snared by a branch causing the Raven to plummet to it's death from the treetops.  Being the first living creature to ever die in the glade, this was the first time that the Angel of Death ever visited the grounds.  Upon reaching the grounds upon her pale white horse, the reaper of death had a vision of all the pain, black magic, evil and death which would come to by found within the Glade in centuries to come and also noted that the grounds in a way seemed to be alive and had a dark presence about it.  Feeling like she needed to keep an eye on the grounds, Death chose to transform the deceased Raven into a kind of undead familiar as it was the only living creature to have spent it's entire mortal life on the grounds.  The Raven became a spirit and a servant of the Angel of Death, with it having been given dark powers by the Grim Reaper which showed through the Raven now having glowing piercing red eyes.  The Raven served it's mistress by watching over the grounds and it's inhabitants for so long that it eventually became incorporated into the folktales and mythologies of New Orleans when the glade was transformed into a cemetery in the 18th century and had catacombs built underneath of it, something which brought the food chain into the Glade as insects and worms started to move to the cemetery in order to feed off of the buried corpses and the cadavers of those who died in the hostile glade who came to mourn.  This brought birds, bats and vermin to come to the Glade in order to feed off of the insects who came to feed on the dead, and this prompted larger animals like cats, owls and alligators to move into the glade to feed on the animals that came to feed on the insects.  As Death predicted, the Glade became a place of darkness and the Raven watched over it all, especially when a grand mansion was built on the grounds.

Priscilla Gracey

Name: Priscilla Dorothy Gracey née. Pock

Life: 1764-1792

Cause of Death: Drowning

Priscilla Pock was born into the Pock Clan, a New Orleans based wealthy family which had acquired much of it's wealth from their shared ancestor Lord Phineas Pock I, a British lord who had come to settle in the West Indies and died in 1720.  The clan lived well and honestly for many decades until after many poor business investments, the honest family lost everything.  Priscilla however didn't seem to mind the change in class as much as the rest of her family and as she grew up she became known to the people of New Orleans Square as being a considerable beauty.  Many would-be-suitors pursued Priscilla's hand in marriage but her old-fashioned father Phineas Pock II refused to give any of them his blessing as he believed that none of them were good enough for his precious daughter.  This was until the appearance of a Franco-American sea captain named Captain Marcus Gracey, a well built man who came to the Pocks in order to sell them cargo from his ship.  Phineas II noticed how the man was well-dressed in expensive garments and appeared to be a sucessful and honest merchant-sailor prompting the father to ask him if he wished to meet his daughter.  After meeting for the first time, Marcus fell head over heels for the beautiful maiden and Priscilla found herself intrigued and captivated by the captain, a relationship leading to Gracey proposing to the woman.  As a wedding-gift, Marcus revealed that he was arranging for a grand antebellum mansion to be built on a large estate he owned and that together they would settle there and start a family. Over the years after settling in, Priscilla gave birth to several sons who the couple named Walther Elias Gracey, Myall Charles Gracey, and Martin William Gracey.

Although she loved her husband dearly and he loved her in return, Marcus was a secretive man who always seemed to be lying about his past, refused to discus business with or in front of her,  always had his construction crew making absurd renovations which he never fully explained, and nearly every day he would disapear at the same time of day and often return in a sweat, sometimes even drenched in water or muck. Over the years the curiosity within Priscilla built more and more and one week she had decided to find out the thruth behind her husband's endeavors and so when he left at the same time of day he did everyday, Priscilla followed him from a distance and watched him as he enterred the derelicte mausoleum which was built adjacent to the mansion and which had been there before construction began, back when the grounds were solely used for burial.  Within the tomb, Priscilla witnessed Marcus activate a secret doorway by pulling back on an iron-cast skeletal torch coming from the wall and then walk down a dark stone staircase.  Priscilla waited outside for what felt like hours until she saw her husband exit, at what point she activated the passageway for herself and followed the staircase down.  At the bottom of the staircase, Priscilla found a stone chamber decorated with maps, blueprints, food and supplies.  Through the passages connected to said chamber, Priscilla saw a darkened labyrinth filled to the brim with skulls and skeletons, but most concerning of all, the black waters on the floor seemed to be rising.  Realizing she needed to escape, Priscilla made an attempt to run only to fall into a pothole beneath the surface of the inky waters and snapped her ankle.  Left crippled, Priscilla's attempt at escape was drastically halted and by the time she reached the doorway connecting back to the hub-chamber, the waters had reached the ceiling and the maiden was unable to open the door, resulting in her unfortunate demise.  The next day, Marcus found Priscilla's body floating in a well built on the cemetery grounds, surrounded in blood-red water and not wanting for investigators and police to become involved with his affairs, the captain sealed up his beloved wife's corpse in the incomplete chimney installed within the master bedroom and proceeded to brick up the crawl-space and his wife's remains with it.  The next day, Marcus told his children that their mother had stolen from them and fled to not be caught and that they would not be seeing her anymore, tragically however, the same could not be said in the case of the Captain himself.

Captain Gore

Name: Capitain Bartholomew Gideon Gorelieu changed to Captain Marcus David Gracey

Life: 1761-1836

Cause of Death: Poisoned

Captain Bartholomew Gorelieu was a Caribbean pirate captain from the late 18th century who operated mainly off of Baratia Bay.  Bartholomew was the captain of a former slave ship which he had named The Weeping Willow and he was mainly known under the name of "Captain Gore", a nickname he had earned due to his notorious reputation for murder and torture.  Eventually Gorelieu had amassed such a fortune in blood money that he had a mansion built in the city of New Orleans in an area called the Whispering Glade which served as a cemetery for many of the people of New Orleans.  Gore had the mansion built here because he intended on utilizing the flooded catacombs built under the cemetery, since he had reason to believe that it was the resting place of  pirate captain known as The Jolly Roger, who was known for being a gifted Voodoo bokor when he was alive and after he was killed his skull was mounted in a secret location in New Orleans under the instructions of a Sea Witch as the Jolly Roger's soul was too powerful and dangerous even in death.  Gore wanted to find the skull as he believed it could allow him to cheat death itself and he found himself in a rush to find the object before his chief rival, Jean Laffite, who was an enemy pirate captain who had aswell gotten pardoned after the War of 1812.  Gore spent most of his freetime in the catacombs hunting for the treasure with the entrance of the catacombs being a flooded mausoleum found in the Cemetery.  

Despite never finding the treasure, Gore did have a large family with his wife Priscilla Gracey and they would all live in relative wealth and power through pirate blood money.  Tragically however, one night Priscilla followed Gore out to the cemetery from a distance in an effort to find out what he does in his time alone, this prompted Priscilla to enter the flooded catacombs after her husband left, not knowing that he left as it was the time when the waters rise on the grounds.  Gore found Priscilla's body several days later, sunken at the bottom of a well in the cemetery which connected to the catacombs after noticing the water in the well was blood red.  Heartbroken by the accident and blaming himself but not wanting anyone to learn of his piratical ongoings in the catacombs, Gore didn't tell anyone that his bride had died and claimed that she simply robbed the household and left.  To hide the body, Gore walled her corpse up inside of the chimney in his bedroom so that she would always be near him.  Despite being dead, Priscilla's spirit haunted Gore, angry that he refused to give her a proper burial and in vengeance she gave him disturbed visions of all those who he had slain throughout his life of piracy and at night her wailing skeletal ghost would emerge from the chimney to torment him.  Beginning to lose his grip on reality but refusing to give his wife proper burial as it threatened his operations, Marc beginning seeking spiritual help from occultists, clairvoyants, priests and anyone else who claimed they could assist.  The instructions varied drastically from having him douse the manor's grounds in holy water, to ordering for the mansion's architects Joel Shipley and Rathbone Lydecker to redesign the Manor's interiors to feature hidden passageways, trapdoors, and labyrinths of corridors as he believed it would help keep the ghost of Priscilla from finding him.  The only help he found came from the assistance of a romani sorceress named Madame Leota whom his grandson Dorian had found at a carnival who sucessfully kept the visions and spirits at bay, requiring nothing but her own chambers to be built in the manor where she might hold her rituals.

When Leota had finally finished warding off the dark spirits and Marc recovered from his trauma, he went to his Master Bedroom and fell into a deep, and sound slumber for the first time in years.  Tragically for Marc however, this was a sleep of which he never awoke from.

Master Gracey

Name: Dorian Yale Gracey

Life: 1813-1857

Cause of Death: Buried Alive

Dorian Gracey was the eldest of two sons born to the wealthy Walther and Lillian Gracey.  His parents had both died when he was a young boy when his mother strangled his father to death for having an affair behing her back as well as having gotten his mistress pregant, and Lillian was then executed for her crime.  Due to this Dorian and his brother Claude were largely raised by their grandfather Marc Gracey, the patriarch of the Gracey Clan.  As a young man, Dorian became highly involved in maintaining the family's illegal activity through a smuggling empire which he had built alongside his grandfather through the use of Marc's numerous contacts from a lifetime's worth of piracy.  However behind his family's back, Dorian was having a secret affair with a romani woman named Eleanor Leota who he had met at a travelling circus but who Dorian dared not be openly dating as she was of Romani ethnicity and was a street performing clairvoyant.  Together, Dorian and Eleanor plotted to murder Marc in order to make Dorian the new Master of the Gracey clan and in exchange for Leota's help she would move into Gracey Manor and completely provide for her under the guise of her being the family's clairvoyant.  Dorian went through with murdering his grandfather with a hebenon poison he dripped into his grandfather's ear as he slept. A poison given to him be Eleanor who subsequently moved into Gracey Manor as planned with Dorian now acting as the head of the household and the new crimelord of Marc Gracey's smuggling esplenades.  Despite their sucess, Dorian became highly superstitious due to him believing that he was being watched by a Raven on the manor's grounds which he came to hate so much that he named it "Lucifer" after the devil.  In response to this, Eleanor caged the bird to try and appease Dorian's inner demons.  Eventually, Eleanor became pregnant with Dorian's child and upon giving birth Dorian decided to name the child Lillian after his late-mother and make her middle name Priscilla after his grandmother who had disapeared years before his birth with Dorian believing that his grandfather had murdered her for wealth or property.  Despite loving Lillian very much, Dorian refused to be known as Lillian's father as he believed it would damage his reputation and thus he never let her take part in Gracey Family events.

Over the years Dorian and Eleanor became cold and distant to one another, something which started when Dorian decided to pursue romance outside of his secret lover, this lover came in the form of Eleanor's surrogate sister from the circus where she was raised, a beautiful tightrope walker named Sally Slater.  Not long after meeting her, Daisy and Dorian got married however not too long after the wedding, Daisy decided to perform on a tightrope she set up in the swamp on the manor's grounds for her new family only for the rope to wither around and break, causing her to fall into the water and into the jaws of a wild aligator. 

After some time, evidence mysteriously arose regarding the poison that was used by Dorian to murder his grandfather but instead of taking responsibility for his actions, Dorian framed Eleanor as she was the one who brewed the potion.  After "confessing", Eleanor was scheduled to be executed via guillotine but before her death she chose to curse the Gracey Clan which betrayed her so that ,"Every man and woman in the family would die a sudden and violent death" all except for Dorian who would be doomed to inhabit the mortal world for eternity as an undead and unfeeling animated corpse.  By the time Dorian was an older man, Leota's curse had come true with Dorian's entire family dying of painful and unrelated causes.  Eventually Dorian was left nearly completely alone with noone but his servants and his illegitimate daughter Lillian who was now a teenager.  Depressed, alone,  alcoholic, and unable to die Dorian's only wish was to be able to Rest in Peace.  So one night he laid down in a coffin and ordered his beloved daughter Lillian to bury him alive in the Gracey Family Plot so that he could hopefully rest in peace with his now deceased loved ones.  Although the thought of killing her own father devastated Lillian, Dorian told her not to mourn him as he would be happier dead then he ever was alive, and just like that, Master Gracey was laid to Rest.

Madame Leota

Name: Eleanor Audrey Leota

Life: 1815-1851

Cause of Death: Beheaded

Eleanor Leota was born in Paris, France to a Romani witch/psychic named Madame Esmerelda Leota.  Eleanor was the youngest of two daughters, both half-sisters who's fathers they never knew, with Eleanor's elder sister being named Oona Leota.  When Eleanor was a girl, Oona plotted to get her family out of the way so that she could get her hands on their mother's spellbook which she desperately wanted for witchcraft. So one night, Oona "confessed" to the police that her mother was a thief and a murderer which resulted in the police of Paris searching for Esmerelda.  However before Oona managed to get her hands on her panicked mother's spellbook, both she and her sister had vanished.  Eleanor and Esmerelda had stowed away on a ship headed for Louisiana in America as at the time it was still owned by the French, and on the ship Esmerelda taught her daughter magic and left her the spellbook before dying of illness.

Upon reaching the destination, Eleanor was left alone in the city of New Orleans with no money, food, or mother.  Eventually Eleanor wound up being taken in by a Louisiana circus called "La Cirque des Contes" where she worked as both an endentured servant to the owners, and as a child psychic, where she leanred magic through her mother's spellbook and through the help of a Haitian Voodoo Bokor who performed at the circus and chose to take Leota under his wing.  When she was a teenager, Eleanor took up her mother's stage-name of "Madame Leota" and she became a professional clairvoyant due to years of studying her mother's spellbook.  When she became an adult, Leota fell in love with a wealthy heir named Dorian Gracey and the two became secret lovers.  Dorian promised Eleanor that when he inherited the Gracey family fortune, he would have her move into his family's mansion so that they could be together.  After some time, the two decided to take matters of inheritence into their own hands and Eleanor crafted a poison for Dorian to use on his grandfather so that he could inherit the family's wealth and estate.  

After the murder, Dorian became the new master of the Gracey clan and as promised he had Leota move into the family's mansion under the guise of her being the family's clairvoyant as Leota didn't want people to know they were romantically involved as she believed that it would make  her seem like a gold digger.  In the Mansion at Eleanor's requst, Dorian had the manor's architects implement a chamber into the mansion of Eleanor's own design which was designed with the intent of creating a chamber capable of maximum spiritual flow so that Madame Leota's spells and séances could be as effective a portal into the spirit realm as possible.  After having lived together for some time, Dorian and Eleanor had a daughter which Dorian named Lillian after his late-mother but refused to publically aknowledge that he was the father of due to Leota being a Romani woman and a former cicrus performer and due to this, Leota claimed that Lillian was a virgin birth.  Eleanor herself never really cared for her daughter as she was a reminder of her weakness to lust as well as being a reminder to her past failures and misery, so due to this she typically only refered to her daughter as "Little Leota" as it was easier then remembering the girl's true name.  

Over time, Eleanor and Dorian became distant and cold with one another, so when certain evidence regarding the poison used to kill Marc Gracey arose, Dorian chose to push all of the blame on Eleanor and since he was a wealthy caucasian man and this was the 19th century, the police took his word over Leota's and she was thus scheduled for execution via guillotine. Before her execution, Leota used her last words to curse the Gracey Clan so that every man and woman in the family would die of a sudden and violent death, all except for Dorian who she cursed to be trapped in the mortal world for eternity as an undead rotten corpse, and then the blade of the guillotine fell.

The Tightrope Walker

Name: Sally "Daisy de la Cruz" Gracey née. Slater

Life: 1815-1836

Cause of Death: Eaten Alive

Sally Slater was abandonned as an infant at the travelling Louisiana circus, "La Cirque de les Contes" where she was treated as an endentured servant and manual labourer for the circus.  In her youth Sally's only friend was the orphaned Romani girl, Eleanor Leota who was treated like dirt by the circus owners due to them having decided that she would become the circus' "Gypsy Woman" as opposed to Sally who was trained quite harshly to become a beautiful, polite, and delicate tightrope walker for the circus' trapeze act.  For this diference between the two each of the two girls secretly envied the other as Eleanor wished to be treated like a lady instead of a sideshow freak while Sally wished she wasn't forced into a life which she didn't chose for herself.  Despite the envy between the two of them, they were the closest thing that each of them had to a family and they stuck together like sisters.

As young adults, Sally became the circus' star performer under the stagename of "Daisy de la Cruz", a new name which she was persuaded into adopting as it sounded more fantastical and pretty then Sally Slater.  Eleanor on the other hand became the circus' psychic and fortune teller under the stagename of Madame Leota.  As the graceful tightrope walker of the circus, Sally was often barraded by suitors, gifts and flirts who idolized her elegance and beauty causing Eleanor to become even more resentful of Sally then before, not that she needed the admiration or influence of love-struck dolts, but just to feel like she had some form of apeal to herself.  As for Sally on the other hand, although she politely accepted the admiration, she still envied Eleanor's independence, as well as sense of nobilitiy and admired her sister more than anyone else. Leota did however find a partner in the form of an attractive, wealthy man named Dorian Gracey who was attending the circus as he apparently had "business" to be done on his grandfather's behalf with the owners.  Over time Dorian and Eleanor began to fall for one another more and more, something which Eleanor kept secret for Sally as she didn't want to seem petty and wanted to keep up appearances.

Leota wound up moving out of the circus and into Dorian's home as a live-in clairvoyant, something which Sally was proud of her sister for despite feeling abandoned by the only family which she had ever had.  Several months later, the circus returned to New Orleans from it's tour and Sally decided to take time off to go and visit her sister at Gracey Manor only to discover that not only was she living in comfort, but she was pregnant.  Leota refused to tell Sally who the child's father was but Sally was overjoyed for her none the less.  Dorian Gracey who was now the Master of the house, insisted that Sally stay in Gracey Manor for some time as he believed it would be good for Leota to have a childhood friend with her to help support her through her pregnancy.  As the months passed by and Leota's pregnancy carried forward, Leota's body began to become weaker and less appealing to Dorian who's incessant lust caused his eyed to fall upon the beautiful Sally Slater.  Sally, who didn't know that Eleanor and Dorian were lovers, chose to accept Dorian's advances, not because he was handsome or wealthy or powerful as she had gotten romanced by many a man in her lifetime as a performer, but Sally allowed him to romance her as she thought it would bring her and Eleanor closer together and that they could live together like a real family.  Upon learning of their relationship via her crystal ball, Leota fell into a jealous rage directed towards Dorian which he deflected by telling her that it was to keep up appearances and that he would need to publicly marry someone someday and it could never have been Leota.  Although enraged and heartbroken, Leota chose to power through the agony and pain and keep it on the inside, never speaking of her disdain of the affair to Sally herself who would often gossip with Leota about her romantic esplanades with Master Gracey.  

By the time that Leota had delivered her child, a girl which Dorian insisted they name Lillian after his late-mother,  Sally and Dorian had become engaged to one another and were married with Leota choosing to not attend the wedding as it was too painful for her, something which devastated Sally as she only went through with the marriage to be with her sister.  That night a grand party was held in the Great Hall to celebrate the marriage and although she did not attend, Leota did watch from the balcony, and when she saw the way that Dorian looked at Sally she completely snapped and decided that she was sick and tired of living in Sally's shadow.  So she went to her Séance Chamber and started the conducting her spells in preparation for her plan the following day.

The next morning, Eleanor confronted Sally and told her that even though she didn't attend her wedding she is truly glad for her mariage and that she is looking forwards to lliving with her.  As a celebtration and for old times sake, Eleanor asked Sally if she could put on a tightrope walking performance for the family in the swampland area found in the glade behind the mansion, and Sally eagerly agreed.  Down in the swamp, Sally was happily balancing on her tightrope over the waters of the Whispering Glade when she noticed Eleanor muttering something strange under her breathe.  Suddenly the rope which Sally was standing on started to snap and wither away at her feet, Sally tried to smile through her fear and scuttle across the rope to safety but the more she seemed to move the more that the rope wore away.  Sally then considered just jumping into the water and swimming so safety when she noticed something large moving in the waters below her, she quickly looked away as she didn't want to focus on it and instead focus on walking off of the tightrope to safety.  However all at once the rope snapped underneith of her and to the horror of the crowd Sally fell into the jaws of a large aligator which violently dragged her screaming down into the depths of the water, a few bubbles of air emerged from the water's surface, and then the blue creek started to turn red, and just like that, Madame Leota no longer had to envy Sally Slater.

The Duelists

NamesEtienne LeSilex and Antione d'Acier:

Died: 1836

Cause of Deaths: Gunshot

The French-American families of LeSilex and d'Acier had been in a heated rivalry every since they first met one another in Acadia before being deported by the Brittish to Louisiana.  Both of the families came to settle in the CIty of New Orleans where they each created a modest name for themselves, the LeSilex family having started a matchbook manufacturing busniess, and the d'Acier family having made a metal working business, both of which made the families prosper for genderations to come.  In the early 19th century, Etienne LeSilex and Antione d'Acier, each of whom was the next in line to take over their appropriate family's business, met at the travelling Louisiana circus "La Cirque des Contes" where neither of them knew the other was from their hated rival clan.  The two men became fast friends and after learning of their dueling bloodlines, they decided that it would be best for each of them to leave their family's past in the past and look towards a prosperous future together.  While attending the circus the men attended the trapeze act where they each set eyes upon the circus's beautiful tightrope walker, Daisy de La Cruz.  Each of the two men found themselves instantly enamoured by the beautiful performer and after the show each of them seperately went to visit her private quarters in order to attempt to romance her.  To both of their delights, Daisy was extremely polite and cheerful and she told them both that the next time the circus was in New Orleans she would make an effort to visit them.  For several months Etienne and Antione patiently waited with one another, never mentioning the belle to the other as they each wanted to suprise their dear friend with the news when she finally returned to the city.  When the circus finally did return to the city, the men were both discouraged to learn from the circus workers that the beautiful woman left the circus to go and marry a man named Dorian Gracey.  Being part of New Orlean's elite, both men knew who Dorian Gracey was and they were even invited to the wedding, but they knew something nefarious was going on when they read on the invite that Daisy was using what appeared to be the fake name, Sally Slater.  So the two suitors got the same idea to object to Daisy's union with Gracey and then hopefully run off with their beloved.  Upon arriving at Gracey Manor, the two men told one another of their plan however, they both became shocked that the other wanted to steal Daisy for himself which lead into a heated argument outside of the mansion.  The argument climaxed in each of the two men deciding to settle the dispute in a pistol duel with the winner getting not only to survive, but to pursue the hand of the beautiful Daisy de la Cruz.  So the two young heirs went out to the forested glade behind the mansion, walked ten pace, and then drew their weapons only for each of the men to be simultaneously sucessful and unsucessful as both guns shot the other directly in the head, but both men died on the spot.  A few days later, the men's corpses were found and recognizing the two men as being members of the feuding families, so after notifying their families and making funeral arrangements, Master Gracey chose to have two portraits comissioned of the two men in their epic duel with one another, portraits which he liked so much that he had the servants hang them up in the mansion's grand hall.

The Mariner

Name: Captain Culpepper Kenneth Anderson Clyne


Cause of Death: Drowning

Captain Culpepper Clyne was born with a strange condition that rendered him highly allergic to most dirt, prompting him to take up the career of a sailor from a young age.  As the years passed, Culpepper became a pirate of the Caribbean who sailed alongside the notorious Captain Gore and was trained as his first-mate to be his sucessor.  After Gore's retirement from piracy, Clyne became the new captain of Gore's ship The Weeping Willow and he adopted the title of Captain Gore from his former captain, only this time becoming a smuggler rather than a straight forward pirate.  Several years after taking the mantle, Clyne's smuggling hit hard times but he wound up becoming aproached by a mysterious young man named Dorian Gracey who offered the captain an opportunity to get protection and funding for his criminal enterprise in exchange for working under the employment of Gracey.  Clyne didn't know who the man was or how he knew so much about him but he decided to agree the the man's terms and in return he recieved a generous investment and as a gift, a coat and hat made out of an expensive relatively new material called rubber which didn't get wet.  For several years, Clyne worked as a smuggler working for the Gracey Crime Empire with his old-age slowly taking a toll on him and his work.  On one voyage smuggling contraband into New Orleans through a heavy storm, Clyne suffered from a heart attack while sailing the vessel prompting the Weeping Willow to capsize on some rocks, killing the entire crew.  Culpepper however managed to survive by latching onto a piece of floating debris and swimming back to port, fighting off sea life that smelled blood on him with a harpoon that he managed to grab from the sinking vessel.  After several hours or relentless swimming, Clyne finally arrived exhausted at the docks of New Orleans, covered in kelp, barnacles, sea foam and even a starfish.  Upon arriving on dry-land, Clyne fainted from exhaustion where his body was found by one of Gracey's informants at the dock who put his unconscious body in a carriage and escorted him to Gracey Manor to be questioned by Dorian.

Culpepper awoke in one of the guestrooms of Gracey Manor where he was met by Master Gracey waiting at his bedside for questioning.  After explaining to his employer what happened Culpepper seemed to have deeply angered Gracey by having lost all of his money, crewmates and contraband, costing Gracey a sizeable portion of money.  Trying to smooth things over, Culpepper explained that he was going to retire from smuggling as he's grown to old for the business.  Angered at the mariner having cost him so much and then attempting to back out on their agreement, Gracey lost control of his rage and started beating the exhausted old man's face in.  The sea captain tried to fight back, but he was still exhausted and weak from his swimming back to port so he couldn't do much.  To finish the job, Dorian dragged the old man into the guestroom's bathroom where he began forcing Culpepper's head into the filled bathtub which he had filled prior to the captain's waking up intending to let the filthy Mariner use to wash off.  Powerless to fend off the aristocrat, Culpepper was drowned by the wealthy man in the bathtub who framed his death as having been the result of the sea-captain falling unconscious while bathing and subsequently drowning.  To cool things over, Dorian proceeded to give the captain burial in the mansion's cemetery by creating a custom crypt filled with sea-brine as a tribute to the mariner's dirt allergy.  Not long after the murder, Dorian checked in on his then teenaged illegitimate daughter Lillian who he saw painting a portrait in tribute to the sea-captain where he was depicted as emerging from the port harpoon in hand covered in ocean debris in front of the Weeping Willow's wreck, but the eyes on the portrait seemed to follow Dorian wherever he stood.

The Hellhound

Name: Hellhound

Hellhound was the name given to Dorian Gracey's childhood pet Great Dane with the dog having been the last gift his father Walt ever gave to him before his untimely demise.  Hellhound was a powerful and vicious hunting dog which Dorian trained and well.  In Hellhound's old age he was so grey and so skeletal that one could mistake the beast for having been the corpse of a wolf, but despite this Hellhound was as strong and vicious as ever. In those later years Hellhound typically patrolled the house's grounds making sure that the girl Lillian who lived in the mansion, could not leave without permission as Dorian feared that if she were to leave the Manor's grounds that certain secrets regarding his personal life might come forward.  Hellhound finally died after Master Gracey had ordered himself to be buried alive in order to rest in peace, and Hellhound chose not to eat or drink until his master returned, causing the dog to die alone in the public cemetery while howling out for his master's return, and some who travelled by the mansion claim that they still hear the howling echoing through the mansion's grounds.

Francis Xavier

Name: Captain Francis Atencio Xavier

Francis Xavier was the adopted son and apprentice of Captain Martin Xavier, a Spanish pirate captain who operated off of Baratia Bay under the name "El Barba Blanca".  Francis was raised to be a cutthroat, scheming pirate but to still be noble and polite to others as he was taught that chances are they are going to kill their bystanders eventually so you might as well make it up to them through being nice.  In the early 19th century, Martin died and left his money and ship to Francis who chose to use them in order to fight in the last battle of the War of 1812 in exchange for a pardon from the US Government.  After the battle, Francis almost immediately chose to return to a life of crime but the Battle of New Orleans cost heavy tolls upon his money leaving him with nothing more then his ship "El Mariposa".  So for funding, Francis found himself seeking out a former comrade of his father's, a French pirate captain who was once renowned for his violence, sadism, brutality and love of torture, a man who now called himself Captain Marc Gracey.  Inititally although Marc was glad to see Francis and gave him his condolensces for the loss of his father, Marc refused to partake in any more active crimes as he was living out a happy and prosperous life off of his blood money.  Marc's grandson Dorian however did see potential in making investments in the criminal enterprises as the recent change of government along with the sheer amount of criminals who were killed and pardoned in the Battle of New Orleans left the criminal underworld of New Orleans susceptable to the combined efforts of Xavier and the Graceys. So thus Dorian persuaded his grandfather into making a deal with the pirate by telling him that they family only had so much money and that if they didn't do work to make sure that wealth is maintained, that some day it will all be gone and the family's descendents will be left with nothing.

Francis was given a considerable amount of money in order to hire a crew and supplies for his ship so that he could smuggle in unliscensed and illegal materials from the Caribbean and sell it to the Graceys who would then sell it to others at a higher price through their various connections.  When police started investigating the smuggling operation, the Gracey's made considerable contributions to their payrolls in exchange for them to turn a relatively blind eye to the crimes.  When he wasn't out at sea, Francis would stay with the Gracey Family in their Mansion where he was practically treated like a member of the family by them all.  Francis even became Dorian Gracey's closest friend, and the two would often spend their nights together in places with in places with lots of rum and loose women that the two would try to court as flings.  Despite their friendship, Francis tended to be somewhat afraid of Dorian as having spent his whole life surrounded by cutthroats and murderers, he recognized something dark in him, something hiding behind a facade of good manners and charm which was just waiting to break free.

It wasn't that long of a time later that Marc Gracey died in his sleep and Dorian was named the new Master of the Gracey Clan so he was put in charge of doing business with Francis behind the scenes.  It was also around this time that a Romani woman named Madame Leota moved into Gracey Manor, something done as according to Dorian she had legitimate dark powers which could advantage Francis and Dorian's secret pirate exploits.  Over time the two became some of the most powerful crime-lords in all of New Orleans and avoided prosecution by paying off many of the city's police officers.  In the year 1851, Francis and Dorian's operations were put into threat when evidence arose that Dorian was responsible for having murdered Marc Gracey, something which Dorian completely pinned on his mansion's live-in clairvoyant, Madame Leota.  During Leota's execution, the woman cursed every member of the Gracey Clan to die a sudden and violent death.  Not long after the execution, Francis found himself arrested by the police for smuggling and sent to prison where he spent several years before being murdered by a guard who the smuggler disrespected.  Francis' corpse was later brought back the mansion where Dorian had him buried in the Gracey Family plot as he considered the pirate to be like a brother.

The Gracey Family

PART II: The Madman

The Ghostess

Name: Lillian Priscilla Leota

Life: 1836-1865

Cause of Death: Drowning

Lillian Leota was the daughter of Madame Leota and Master Gracey and the result of a secret affair which the two had been taking part in for quite some time.  After Lillian's conception, Madame Leota claimed that the girl was the result of a virgin birth which she incited via potion in order to make sure noone suspected that she and Master Gracey had relations.  While Master Gracey himself was a caring if not overprotective father, he refused to openly display fatherly affection towards her as to avoid suspicion, along with this he even refused for her to ever leave the Mansion's grounds unless with her mother as to be completely safe.  As for Madame Leota, she was a cold and distant mother who tended to forget that Lillian even existed, she often even forgot her name tending to refer to her just as "Little Leota" as it was easier to remember.  Due to this Lily was exiled from her own family and spent her whole life trapped in the prison that was the grounds of Gracey Manor, with no friends other than the two servants Beauregard and Eliza Anderson, along with a strange looking Raven with red eyes which her mother kept locked in a bird cage in the attic for some reason.  Lillian related with the trapped creature which according to the cage was named "Lucifer" and would often sneak it small animals which she would find in the glade for it to eat while telling it about her life and her family.  Lillian spent most of her time in the mansion reading gothic horror stories, talking with the servants about the outside world, and painting portraits of people who she saw in the mansion.  One night, after having had a large fight with her father regarding being allowed to leave the Manor, Lillian chose to free the Raven from it's cage in an act of defiance.  After being freed, the Raven acting out of either vengeance for being caged, or to avenge the only mortal which ever showed it kindness, chose to rummage through Madame Leota's personal belongings to search for the vial filled with the poison she gave Dorian to kill Marc Gracey.  After the Raven located the poison, it flew to the nearest police station in the night and left it alongside a note it had scratched using it's claws dipped in ink, telling the police officers about the nature of how Dorian came into wealth.  As predicted by the Raven, the police came to investigate Dorian Gracey and Mme. Leota for the murder of the crimelord who paid the police much more for protection than Dorian ever did while running the Gracey Smuggling empire.  In court Dorian managed to use his wealth, influence and charm to pass the blame of the crime completely on Leota who was subsequently executed but cursed every man and woman in the Gracey Clan and Gracey bloodline to die of violent and painful deaths.

Being still a girl and not yet a woman, Lillian was safe for the time from her mother's curse as Madame Leota most likely forgot that Lillian even existed when she cast the curse due to her distant and dismissive nature regarding her child.  Due to the curse, Lillian spent her teenaged years in the Mansion surrounded by death as the Gracey Clan got picked off one by one resulting in her getting more time with her father.  However while she liked getting to spend more time with her father, she also noticed that he was depressed and restless due to the tragedy of his life.  So when Dorian asked Lillian to bury him alive and declare him dead, Lillian was distraught but also wanted him to rest in peace and she buried him willingly.  

Before his death, Dorian decided to leave the Gracey wealth and estate to Lillian who was his last living family member.  With this, Lillian finally found herself free to leave the Mansion alone as she pleased but upon entering society she found that it was a cruel world filled with ignorant people who were too sane and self-absorbed for her to connect with.  With the world that she dreamed of so often being a cruel dissapointment and her now being completely alone in the world, Lillian chose to try and achieve contentment by using the Gracey Fortune to surround herself in things which remind her of her late-family despite the toxicity which they held towards her.  One of the items which she attempted to acquire was the caravan her mother had operated in during her time in the circus.  After managing to locate the caravan to a weird antique store called "Port Royal Curios and Curiosities" she met the store's macabre and hideously deformed owner who was a man named Solomon Gastley.  Strangely enough Solomon and Lillian quickly hit it off as they both related to being outcasted from society as well as their families and the two shared a similar morbid sense of dark humor and interest in the occult and gothic.  After spending quite a bit with one another, Solomon wound up moving into Gracey Manor to live with Lillian and the two became romantic partners with Solomon decorating the mansion with his collection of macabre antiquities which he obtained for his business.

The two cherished one another more than just about anything in the world and they loved hosting other wealthy and powerful indivisuals of New Orleans in their home as they relished seeing them disturbed and frightened by the manor's strange furnishing and bloody history.  The two even would up permanently hosting Solomon's older brother Jamie who went broke after having having invested all of his money in his business only for it to go bankrupt.  Neither Solomon nor Lillian were particularily fond of Jamie but they put up with him as he was family and he was suffering from alcoholism.  After spending several years together and refusing to marry as neither of them believed in marriage, they eventually came to a point where they each wished to start a family with one another so they planned to have a grand and macabre wedding to one another as soon as Solomon returned from a business trip to visit his cousin in New York City.  While Solomon was away and Lillian was in her boudoir preparing her white wedding cloak and dress as well arranging a bouquet of thorns and wedding flowers, Solomon's brother Jamie got into one of his drunken stupors and he attempted to make moves towards Lillian as he was envious of his younger brother's beautiful fiancée, luxurious mansion and large wealth.  Lillian however was faithful to her fiancée and rebuked his affections.  Her rejection of Jamie was met with him cursing and swearing at her so she chose to remain calm and walk away from the situation, then Lillian felt a blunt pain on the back of her head and everything went black.

When Lillian awoke, she found herself crammed in what seemed to be a wooden chest being dragged somewhere by what sounded like the still intoxicated Jamie, ranting and crying to himself from the outside in a fit of panick.  Lillian screamed at Jamie telling him about he was going to suffer for what he's done but this was only met with sounds of intense sobbing from Jamie and him crying to god, asking for forgiveness.  All of a sudden the chest stopped moving and Lillian heard the drunk man make a prayer and all at once the chest was flung downwards and she heard a large splash noise as dark water started pouring in from the slits between the boards of the chest.  As the water flooded in Lillian realized that she was about to die and spent her last moments alive reassuring herself that her killer would suffer, and that she would reunite with her love.

The Coffin Occupant

Name: Jamie Padgett Gastley

Life: 1832-1865

Cause of Death: Dehydration and Starvation

Jamie Gastley was the eldest child of the wealthy Gastley family.  Jamie was a handsome and intelligent but proved himself to be something of a womanizer and an arrogant, self centered man who cared very little about the feelings of others.  When Jamie was a young man his parents died in mysterious fire that destroyed the family's entire home but left the Gastley children to divide their parents inheritence among themselves.  Jamie used his portion of the Gastley fortune to purchase a large cotton plantation outside of New Orleans.  Jamie also purchased a large number of slaves to run the plantation, something which at the time seemed a wise idea as it freed up Jamie's wealth for grand and luxurious parties with his fellow wealthy friends.  Ultimately however, Jamie's large investment in slaves proved to be a poor choice as in 1865, slavery was decreed illegal and all of Jamie's workers happily left the cruel man to fend for himself.  Jamie was no longer able to afford his land, his business and his home prompting all of his wealthy and powerful friends to distance themselves from him.  Now practically homeless, Jamie turned to his younger brother Solomon's door-step, pleading to let him stay with him and his partner in their luxurious mansion untill he managed to get back on his feet.  Solomon and his partner Lillian both agreed to letting Jamie stay with them but he tended to try their patience with his questionable world-views, alcoholism and nonstop complaining.  One day, Jamie learned that Solomon and Lillian were planning on marrying after Solomon's return from a mysterious business trip, prompting Jamie in a drunken fit of envy to try and seduce his younger brother's fiancée as to spite him for having a loving relationship and stately manor while Jamie had nothing.  So Jamie aproached Lillian while she was preparing for her wedding in her boudoir and he then began openly courting her, believing that she would leap at the chance to be with a man as attractive as himself.  Lillian however proved herself faithful to Solomon.  The rejection caused the intoxicated Jamie to fly into a drunken rage as he picked up a nearby candelabra and clubbed Lillian's head against it, rendering her unconscious.  Panicked, the drunk Jamie stuffed Lillian's body into a large chest and dragged it out into the flooded mausoleum in the Mansion's ajoining Cemetery.  In the time it took for Jamie to haul the stuffed chest from the Boudoir to the Mausoleum however, Lillian awoke inside of the chest screaming at Jamie and telling him that he would suffer for what he's done which only panicked the intoxicated man more.  Trying to get rid of the evience of his crime, Jamie dumped the chest and it's screaming inhabitant into the black waters of the flooded mausoleum.

Several weeks later when Solomon returned from his business trip to New York,  Jamie told Solomon that Lillian got cold feet about the marriage to him and that she ran away.  Solomon at first didn't seem convinced about the story but he soon appeared to be distraught, and even asked Jamie to have a drink with him in the Mansion to help him deal with the loss.  Jamie and Solomon spent the evening drinking wine and talking about how horrible it was that Lillian left them, eventually Jamie got so drunk that he was overcome with feeling of guilt and sympathy prompting him to tell his brother the true story of how he murdered his wife in a drunken rage.  To Jamie's surprise, Solomon was amazingly understanding (although it was difficult to truly tell through the intoxication) and Solomon even offered his brother a very old fine drink which he said he had been saving for a long time as a kind of peace offering.  But when Jamie took a sip of the drink, the world around him seemed to fade away until it was nothing more than a dream.

Jamie woke up to the sounds of a hammer near his head hammering nails.  To Jamie's shock he was positioned like a corpse with his arms crossed inside of what seemed to be a coffin.  Jamie then heard the voice of his brother telling him that he was a pathetic piece of filth who was and that although he woukd deserve to rot in hell for his actions, hell would meen that Solomon wouldn't get to watch him suffer.  Solomon then informed his brother that he was sealed alive inside of a coffin which he left just enough room in the lid so that he could enough oxygen to breathe and remain conscious in doing so.  Solomon proceeded to explain to his older sibling that as he took the most precious thing in Solomon's life away, that he would be taking away the most precious thing in Jamie's life, but that the only thing that mattered to Jamie was his own well being. So thus Jamie was informed that he would be kept alive in the casket but fed absolutely no food and given absolutely no drink, that way Solomon could give rest to his devestated mind and broken heart through hearing the screams of agony of the man who took everything that mattered away from him.

Jamie spent three days cramped up in the uncomfortable wooden chest screaming and crying from the restless pain of starvation and dehydration.  The casket stunk from his own dying filth and occasionally Jamie could even make out the sounds and smells of Solomon using the lid of the coffin as a table where he would eat every meal of the day and drink fine wines just loud enough so Jamie could hear him enjoying his meal.  For three days Jamie tried to use his weak, starved arms to push and claw open the lid of the coffin, but whenever he would do so Solomon would return with a hammer to pound the nails back into place, sometimes with Jamie's hands in between the lid and the coffin.  Jamie finally died from a lack of water on the third day when he barely even conscience from the lack of nourishment, but before he died he did hear Solomon mention how to coffin would now make a lovely coffee table.

The Poetess

Name: Prudence Elizabeth Pock


The Ghost Host

Name: Solomon Hershel Gastley

Life: 1835-1869

Cause of Death: Hanging

Solomon Gastley was the youngest of two sons born to the wealthy Paul and Geraldine Gastley with Solomon having been born hideously deformed with long gnarled fingers, crooked fang-like teeth, mismatching iris colors (his right eye was green his left was yellow), a long and skeletal frame, pale platinum hair, and a generally twisted appearance as opposed to his handsome brother Jamie.  Due to this Solomon grew up as something of a dark and disturbed outcast who prefered to spend his time alone studying the occult and morbid.  When Solomon was a teenager, both of his parents died in a mysterious fire that destroyed the family home, leaving the Gastley children to divide the family fortune amongst themselves and take their seperate ways.  While Jamie left to open up a cotton plantation, Solomon chose to purchase a shop in New Orleans Square which he called "Port Royal Curios and Curiosities" which he filled with whatever strange relics he could find.  One day Solomon was visited by his wealthy maternal cousin Harrison who himself was a collector of antiquities.  After viewing the shop, Harrison chose to invite Solomon into a secret society of aristocrats which combined their connections and a portion of their wealth in order to help one another acquire treasures from across the world.  Solomon agreed to join the society and after meeting the other members, Solomon's years of studying the strange seemed to impress the men who decided to put a special investment in Solomon's collection in order for him to open up a secret, society members only Museum underneith of his shop which would display the most unusual of antiquities.  Solomon personally had difficulty standing the other young wealthy men as they all seemed contrived,ignorant shallow but Solomon decided to put up with them in order to gain the resources to advance his personal collection.

Not too long after the society's investment, Solomon opened "La Musée de l'Étrange" underneith of his shop and he started filling it with the strange relics which the Society helped him acquire such as the remains of a man who was mummified alive in candle wax, a cursed giraffe-piano haunted by the cursed soul of German pianist Ludwig von Baroketch, a taxidermy moth/human hybrid, and a haunted grandfather clock created from a coffin and the skeletal remains of it's inhabitant, and an enchanted mirror which held a very powerful and evil prisoner, Solomon even started doing direct business with a Jivaroan man who gave him terrific deals on authentic shrunken heads impisoning the souls of their former selves.  The only non-society members who were aware of the secret Museum were Solomon's two employees Amicus Arcane who cared for the building's books and Rosella Zarkov who was a psychic medium that provided assistance with the museum's more supernatural artifacts.  At one auction, Solomon acquired a Romani Caravan which had previously belonged to the criminal and alleged witch, Madame Leota and which was fully stocked with potions, tomes, unusual relics, and a crystal ball.  Not long after the auction, a young woman came to Solomon's shop asking to purchase the Leota collection from him at any price which he needed, with the woman saying that she wanted it as she was Mme. Leota's daughter.  Solomon chose to willingly give the Caravan and most of it's contents to the woman after telling him that in exchange she would give him open access the the supposedly haunted Gracey Manor and it's accompanying cemetery in the glade behind the manor.

Over time Solomon and the woman (whose name was Lillian Leota) started to see kindred spirits in one another after open exposure from Solomon loving the derelicte Gracey Manor, and Lillian adoring the delightfully macabre aura found within Solomon's shop.  The two recognized one another as outcasts from the stale and contrived society that they lived in, they shared a love of dark humour, gothic style and general disdain for the pathetic and self-absorbed material people they found themselves surrounded by.  Solomon moved into Gracey Manor to be with Lillian and together they started using his connections to fill their home with the surreal antiques which he would have typically purchased to be displayed in his museum, such antiques included two oddly designed suits of armour which two knight brothers had died in, a library's worth of priceless first edition books (only ghost stories of course), an armchair designed by a madman who hid a dead body inside of it, a demonic 13 hour grandfather clock, and a Pipe Organ which was discovered in a mysterious shipwreck.  The couple even enjoyed inviting the other aritocrats who they tended to loathe into their home so that they could play Host and relish in watching their discomfort as they came upon the diferent morbid furnishings of the manor, beheld Solomon's hiseous deformities and learned of the estate's bloody past.  It was also around this time that Solomon's now alcoholic brother Jamie moved into Gracey Manor as he recently went bankrupt, neither Solomon nor Lillian enjoyed Jamie's presence but they let him stay as he was family and he was having drinking problems.  Although Solomon and Lillian lived together for several years, they refused to get married as they believed marriage was nothing more than a dated christian ritual, although after spending years in love together Solomon and Lillian realized that they truly did want to marry one another and maybe even start a family, after all there weren't enough of people in the world who thought the way that they did.  So Solomon and Lillian arranged to be married as soon as Solomon returned from a business trip to New York where he was to attend a Society meeting in his cousin Harrison's home.

Solomon soon found himself returning home to New Orleans, the meeting had been about something the Society's president called the Discovery Bay Project but which very few of the Society's members including Solomon had any interest in seeing through.  When Solomon returned home he was met by a phased out Jamie who told that Lillian got cold feet about the wedding and decided to flee the mansion in the night, having only told Jamie about her plans.  Although stunned by the news it made no sense to Solomon as it seemed terrifically out of character for her along with the fact that Gracey Manor was technically owned by her so it seemed horribly unlikely.  So the sly witted Solomon decided to play into Jamie's story and told him that he was heartbroken and needed to get a drink, asking Jamie to join him.  That evening Solomon served Jamie several glasses of wine while drinking none himself but pretended to be intoxicated and heartbroken in order to play his older brother in order to learn the truth about his fiancée's whereabouts.  The hosed Jamie confessed to Solomon that he attacked Solomon in a drunken stuper and then panicked he put her in a chest and threw her into the waters of the mausoleum.  Jamie pleaded forgiveness from his brother, telling him that it was an accident and that he would do anything to make it up to him, he would even hand himself over to the police or leave New Orleans forever. Solomon was shocked and enraged at this and proceeded to give his older brother a drink tainted with a sleeping potion, rendering him unconscious.  As Jamie slept, Solomon proceeded to race out through the Mansion Cemetery and into the flooded mausoleum where he leaped into the black waters of the Whispering Glade Catacombs and after several hours managed to find and haul out the wooden chest.  When Solomon opened the chest, hoping that his brother's story was nothing more than some intoxicated delusion, he broke into tears upon the sight of the love of his life, dressed in a soggy white cloak and wedding gown, dead with the flesh on her corpse so shrivelled and pruned from the weeks of water exposure that she was nearly the size of a large doll.  Her skin was pale purple and covered in wrinkles, her eyes were pink and faded, and beside her was a bouquet of thorns and lilies that she was arranging for their wedding day.

To give his true love one final goodbye, Solomon embraced her cadaver and kissed her cold dead lips one last time, then proceeded to place her body back in the chest and drop it back into the dark abyss of the waters she was resting in.  It was at that moment that something snapped inside of Solomon's head, the only person who he truly cared for and who truly cared for him in return was taken cruelly before her time, he realized that the life was nothing more than a sick joke wasted on those who would rather waste it away by pursuing worthless material things like beauty, money, power and affection only to lose it in the end.  Then with tears in his eyes Solomon looked upon the mansion his love once called home, and remembered that his brother would be waking up soon, and then Solomon got an idea which made him break out in laughter.

As Jamie slept away, Solomon dragged his wretched body into an ornate coffin which he had purchased previously for his museum and he proceeded to nail the lid shut over Jamie, leaving just enough space between that his hated brother could get enough air to remain conscious.  Solomon then chose to keep his fiancée's murderer sealed in the coffin so that he could starve to death and Solomon could help get over his loss by hearing the wails and pleads of the man who took everything from him.  In the days that followed, Solomon became even more recluse than he was before and he even left the Society giving his beloved Museum to Mme. Zarkov to take care of.  Locked away from the outside world and deciding he was done with the living, Solomon, his faithful servants Beauregard and Eliza, along with Solomon's former librarian Amicus who chose to stay with his employer, intently studied whatever spellbooks and ancient runes they could acquire from both the mansion's grounds and the Museum which they once cared for, the most prominent book in their studies being the Spellbook of the late Madame Eleanor Leota.  Together with the research the acquired, the four disturbed mortals performed a séance in the chamber which Madame Leota once occupied and held hands to recite the incantations which they had acquired and all together they managed to draw enough spiritual power to materialize the spirit of Madame Leota.

Due to the four mortals not being sufficiently trained in the dark arts, Madame Leota's soul was limited to the crystal ball which they used for the ritual but luckily Leota's own soul was powerful enough to sustain herself properly without outside assistance, at least for a while.  With Leota now materialized Solomon began to talk to her about the events which took place since her untimely demise and what the fate of her daughter was, upon mentioning Lillian however, Leota ordered that Solomon's followers leave the chamber.  Now alone, Solomon told Leota that he knew Lillian's death was the result of the curse which Leota placed all of those years ago on the Gracey Clan and bloodline, but despite that Solomon did not truly blame Leota for his fiancée's fate and he rather offered her a deal which he felt would reward them both.  Solomon knew from his lifetime's worth of research into the occult that more often then not the victims of magical deaths like curses, especially the sudden and violent kind, tend to remain trapped in Limbo as lost spirits rather than fully transitioning into the afterlife.  Solomon's proposal was that he would partake in several rituals of questionable morality to reinvent Gracey Manor into a derelict abode for those souls damned to inhabit the spirit realm, which would in turn increase the amount of power Leota could draw from the grounds for her spells and to keep herself materialized permanently.  Solomon's condition however was that Leota would use her magical expertise to aid Solomon's plans, but also that she would have to call forth from Limbo the souls of all the souls residing in the Limbo of Gracey Manor.  Despite her troubled history with many of the spirits who Leota would have to call forth, Leota decided that this deal benefitted her greatly and agreed to assist Solomon in his unholy mission.  Over the next several weeks, Leota had sucessfully called forth the ghosts of Lillian Leota, Hellhound, Prudence Pock, the cursed Gracey Clan, Captain Culpepper Clyne, Etienne LeSilex, Antione d'Achier, as well as Mistress Sally Gracey who came back alongside the ghost of the aligator which ate her in the first place then choked to death on her umbrella, as apparently Sally had taken a liking to the creature and made it her pet who she named "Coco".  As for Master Dorian Gracey himself, Solomon awakened him from his eternal slumber and offered him the position of being the mansion's titular owner while Solomon would be the one who actually ran the estate, this way Solomon had a reason to pin some of his descissions as well as less appealing actions in the eyed of his guests on having been Master Gracey's doing.

In the years that followed, Solomon spent his time either rebuilding the interior of Gracey Manor to best accompany the boundless realm of the supernatural, spending time with the ghost of his beloved Lillian who's death left her just as insane as it left him, or in pursuing malicious deeds on the streets of New Orleans as a psychotic mass murderer.  Although his identity was not yet discovered, Solomon became known to the people of Louisiana as a serial killer who was nicknamed, "The Hatchet Man of New Orleans", an alias which stemmed from several of the corpses of his victims being found brutalized by axe blades, prompting the authorities to assume the hatchet was his weapon of choice.  While Solomon did achieve a certain level of disturbed delight from his villainous deeds, Solomon mainly used thim as sacrifices to the Mansion in order to help establish and maintain it's dark forces, effectively feeding the death to the manor to help it be capable of functioning as a home for hundreds or spirits.  To assist him, Solomon even began making deals with occultist powers such as New Orleans' Voodoo queen Marie Laveau, a French-American vampire sorceress, the Guédé Loa Baron Samedi, the Pumpkin King of a Nightmare Realm, the fallen Morningstar of Hell and even the Angel of Death herself all for the purpose of creating a low functioning underworld-type haven for those deceased who could not move into the next life and in exchange these five beings were given the roles of shareholders to the Haunted Mansion.

After three years of preparing the mansion to be opened to the greated spirit world, Solomon learned that the final step in constructed the Haunted Mansion would mean that it would need a blackhearted soul to be sacrificed the estate which could become one with the mansion, granting to become the very spirit of the Manor itself at the condition that it could never again leave the manor's grounds on any time that was not Halloween Night.  Deciding that becoming one with the estate would be the perfect fate for himself as well as knowing that his heart was black that of a villain, Solomon chose to put his final arrangements in order and prepare for his suicide.  Around this time, Solomon was betrayed by one of his followers who informed the police of his murderous activities, resulting in a large number of police officers entering Gracey Manor in order to arrest the madman.  Knowing that this was as good a time as any to complete his mission, Solomon decided that if the police would like to see him hung to death, he'd rather do it his way. Solomon entered the secret passageway which lead to the manor's cupola where he proceeded to prepare a noose.  In the last moments before his death he was again confronted by the spirit of his beloved Lillian who told him that he didn't need to take his own life, and that he could just hurry back through one of the mansion's secret passageways and leave forever, after all he still had all of his life left to live.  But Solomon cut her off and told her that his life had already died the moment she drowned and that true death would only be to existence without her.  So with that said, Solomon put the rope around his neck and lept off to his death.  

Upon his death Solomon's soul became the very spirit of the Mansion and he subsequently used his newfound dark powers to terrorize the invading Police Officers and scare them off of the premises.  Stories of Gastley circulated throughout the minds of the people of New Orleans although details were sketchy due to him being a recluse, some said that he was actually the cursed Dorian Gracey, while others said that he was a pirate captain who murdered his own fiancée when she learned his true nature, and others said that he was the mansion's head-of-staff.  As more and more foolish souls dared to enter the grounds of Gracey Manor, his ghost became more and more notorious and the mansion was deemed a house of the dead which noone should enter.  A belief that was made concrete one day when an ornate plaque mysteriously appeared on the gates of the mansion replacing the former plaque which read "Gracey Manor", a plaque decorated with carvings snakes, a skull and a screaming devil in the so-called Ghost Host's own likeness, a plaque which simply read "The Haunted Mansion".

The Hitchhiking Ghosts

NamesProf. Phineas Queeg, Ezra Dobbins, and Gus

Died: 1871

The Traveller

Phineas Pock was born and raised in a small town in Texas to a controlling Christian family who did not approve of Phineas's identity, romantic preferences and general lifestyle prompting Phineas to run away at a young age.  Growing up alone in Texas with nothing more than the clothes on his back and his old worn carpet-bag, Phineas travelled by hitchhiking from town to town, never staying in the same place for too long due to the bitterness and hate which would often ensue upon others discovering the kind of a person who he truly was.  To make ends meet, Phineas became a thief and a con-artist, declaring himself a Professor while in reality he was nothing more than a common snake-oil salesman who despite his generally soft heart found himself isolated from his fellow man due to their own hatred, and to probably a larger extent the toxic properties of his elixars which at times could cause almost instant death.  At a certain point in his adulthood, Phineas found himself travelling leaving Texas in an effort to leave his past behind him and he wound up moving to the city of New Orleans in the neighbouring state of Louisiana.  In Louisiana, although stuck at the city's lowest classes and associated as street scum, New Orleans' wild underbelly comforted Phineas due to it's more liberal and bohemian stances.  It was here the Phineas met a criminal named Ezra Dobbins who he became good friends with and the two even wound up becoming partners-in-crime, considering one another to be like the brothers which they never had.  On one particular scheme, the two attempted to rob an antiquities store called "Port Royal Curios and Curiosities" which was filled with many strange and disturbing objects that the two were entranced by.  Ultimately after having sucessfully commit their crime, the two were mysteriously aproached the following night by the deformed owner of the store who was a man named Solomon Gastley who informed them that while he was dissapointed by their having robbed his store, he wasn't one for acts of petty vengeance and instead of handing them over to the authorities, Gastley offered the two criminals a job.  Phineas and Ezra became the well paid employees of Solomon Gastley who had the two steal certain objects which he couldn't acquire normally for his shop, making death-threats to enemies of Solomon, and occasionally helping Gastley move heavy objects into the shop's basement which they were sworn to secrecy about. Over the years, Phineas and Ezra became close friends not only of Solomon, but his romantic partner Lillian Leota who would often stand in for her lover for certain parts of his business.  The two criminals even became considered something similar to close family members of the couple and would often stay in their home Gracey Manor where Gastley and Leota would act as Host and Hostess to them.

Tragically, Lillian Leota eventually died in a tragic murder which prompted Solomon to lose his sanity, got rid of his shop, and became an extreme reculse.  Being loyal to their boss, Ezra and Phineas chose to stay by his side, only now they would be commiting much more serious crimes then ever before, something which both Phineas and Ezra had no quarrels with.  The two men began operating as kidnappers who would target certain indivisuals under Solomon's orders and follow them home only to render them unconscious, place their body in the back of Gastley's hearse, and then proceed to escort the body back to Gracey Manor where Solomon would proceed to murder the victims in occult rituals.  After years of doing this, the police finally caught onto the murder conspiracies and subsequently made a raid on Gracey Manor where they arrested both Ezra and Phineas were were later informed that their boss Solomon had mysteriously vanished during the raid without a trace.  Following the arrest, the two men were deemed clinically insane and commited to the St. McKim Insane Asylum to be "treated".  Inside of the Asylum, Ezra and Phineas became friends with an old dwarf named Gus who claimed to have spent his whole life in the Asylum, they became friends with him after he recognized the name Gracey when they were talking about how the Gracey Estate was empty and prime for the robbing, Gus didn't know how he knew the name Gracey as he was something of an amnesiac but he told them that he knew all of the nooks and crannies and secrets that the Institution held but that he could never escape as he never had anyone to assist him.  For the next three years, the three lunatics plotted an escape from the confines of St. McKim, something which they eventually managed to do in a breakout that allowed the three of them to leave the asylum with all of their personal belongings (which in the case of Gus was nothing more than his ball-and-chain), and thus the three men began their journey back to New Orleans via hitchhiking.

Upon arriving at Gracey Manor, they were suprised to discover that the plaque on the gate now read, "The Haunted Mansion" rather than the address of the house as it read before.  As the three entered the mansion in hopes of robbing it of whatever goods were left, the three were shocked when they heard a booming, familiar voice echoing in from the walls.  The three were welcomed by the ghost of the late Solomon Gastley who explained to them that he commit suicide before the police could find him, however rather than directly terrorizing the three men as he did with most foolish mortals, Solomon decided he had better plans in store for them.  The ghost of Solomon was joined by that of his late-fiancée Lillian who explained to the three criminals that they transformed the mansion into a home for spirits from around the world but that they had difficulty reaching out to other deceased souls, which is where they would come in.  Lillian handed the three a supernatural contract which stated that if they signed the document, the three would be fed dark power directly from the mansion which would allow them to have relative supernatural materializing power from wherever they travelled and that they would be treated like first rate guests of the mansion, at the cost of them commiting suicide and swearing their souls as servants of the Haunted Mansion who would travel the globe in order to act as representatives of the Haunted Mansion and bring lost souls back the the estate.

Although it took some convincing, Phineas realized that this opportunity was ideal for him as it would allow him to travel the world and exist in comfort for the rest of eternity and as such he agreed to sign the contract and subsequently took his own life by drinking a vial of poison which he had left over in his carpet-bag from his days as a snake oil salesman.

The Skeleton

Ezra Dobbins had been born into a life of slavery to a wealthy sugar-baron in Mississipi, Ezra spent his entire childhood on the plantation being starved, overworked, used and abused by the cruel man, something which the law had no problems with at the time.  Being driven to desperate actions in his teenaged years, Ezra sneaked into his master's quarters and strangled him in his sleep and following this fled the plantation, taking food and money, along with his late-master's sunday suit and best bowler hat.  Ezra managed to flee Mississipi to it's neighbouring state of Louisiana where he came to settle in the city of New Orleans.  In the city, Ezra thrived in the city's wild and bohemian criminal underbelly where he came to enjoy burlesque style setting populated with loose women and looser men.  Ezra came to become good friends with a con-artist named Prof. Phineas Queeg who helped Ezra forge papers of freedom so that if Ezra's past was ever discovered he would never need to go back into a torturous life of slavery.  On one particular scheme, the two attempted to rob an antiquities store called "Port Royal Curios and Curiosities". which was filled with many strange and disturbing objects that the two were entranced by.  Ultimately after having sucessfully commit their crime, the two were mysteriously aproached the following night by the deformed owner of the store who was a man named Solomon Gastley who informed them that while he was dissapointed by their having robbed his store, he wasn't one for acts of petty vengeance and instead of handing them over to the authorities, Gastley offered the two criminals a job.  Phineas and Ezra became the well paid employees of Solomon Gastley who had the two steal certain objects which he couldn't acquire normally for his shop, making death-threats to enemies of Solomon, and occasionally helping Gastley move heavy objects into the shop's basement which they were sworn to secrecy about. Over the years, Phineas and Ezra became close friends not only of Solomon, but his romantic partner Lillian Leota who would often stand in for her lover for certain parts of his business.  The two criminals even became considered something similar to close family members of the couple and would often stay in their home Gracey Manor where Gastley and Leota would act as Host and Hostess to them.

Tragically, Lillian Leota eventually died in a tragic murder which prompted Solomon to lose his sanity, got rid of his shop, and became an extreme reculse.  Being loyal to their boss, Ezra and Phineas chose to stay by his side, only now they would be commiting much more serious crimes then ever before, something which both Phineas and Ezra had no quarrels with.  The two men began operating as kidnappers who would target certain indivisuals under Solomon's orders and follow them home only to render them unconscious, place their body in the back of Gastley's hearse, and then proceed to escort the body back to Gracey Manor where Solomon would proceed to murder the victims in occult rituals. After years of doing this, the police finally caught onto the murder conspiracies and subsequently made a raid on Gracey Manor where they arrested both Ezra and Phineas were were later informed that their boss Solomon had mysteriously vanished during the raid without a trace.   Following the arrest, the two men were deemed clinically insane and commited to the St. McKim Insane Asylum to be "treated".  Inside of the Asylum, Ezra and Phineas became friends with an old dwarf named Gus who claimed to have spent his whole life in the Asylum, they became friends with him after he recognized the name Gracey when they were talking about how the Gracey Estate was empty and prime for the robbing, Gus didn't know how he knew the name Gracey as he was something of an amnesiac but he told them that he knew all of the nooks and crannies and secrets that the Institution held but that he could never escape as he never had anyone to assist him.  For the next three years, the three lunatics plotted an escape from the confines of St. McKim, something which they eventually managed to do in a breakout that allowed the three of them to leave the asylum with all of their personal belongings (which in the case of Gus was nothing more than his ball-and-chain), and the three men subsequently began hitchhiking back to New Orleans.

Upon arriving at Gracey Manor, they were suprised to discover that the plaque on the gate now read, "The Haunted Mansion" rather than the address of the house as it read before.  As the three entered the mansion in hopes of robbing it of whatever goods were left, the three were shocked when they heard a booming, familiar voice echoing in from the walls.  The three were welcomed by the ghost of the late Solomon Gastley who explained to them that he commit suicide before the police could find him, however rather than directly terrorizing the three men as he did with most foolish mortals, Solomon decided he had better plans in store for them.  The ghost of Solomon was joined by that of his late-fiancée Lillian who explained to the three criminals that they transformed the mansion into a home for spirits from around the world but that they had difficulty reaching out to other deceased souls, which is where they would come in.  Lillian handed the three a supernatural contract which stated that if they signed the document, the three would be fed dark power directly from the mansion which would allow them to have relative supernatural materializing power from wherever they travelled and that they would be treated like first rate guests of the mansion, at the cost of them commiting suicide and swearing their souls as servants of the Haunted Mansion who would travel the globe in order to act as representatives of the Haunted Mansion and bring lost souls back the the estate.

Ezra agreed to the contract as becoming an undead spirit to be as reckless and chaotic as he pleased had great appeal to him so after signing the accord he took his own life out in the Mansion's cemetery where he built himself a pyre and burned himself to a crisp, leaving behind nothing but a charred skeletal corpse.

The Prisoner

Augustus C. Candido was the illegitimate child of a beautiful pet-store owner named Adele Candido and a wealthy man named Walther Gracey who had an affair with her only to be murdered not long before Augustus' birth.  As a child Augustus was informed of his father's identity but was strictly told that they would never act upon it as the Gracey Clan was too powerful and Adele had reason to believe from Walther's murder that they were not opposed to heinous acts.  Knowing this devastating imformation as a child, Augustus would typically act out for attention by antagonizing the pets in his mother's store to such an extent that she wound up having him commited to the St. McKim Insane Asylum where due to his impulsive behavior he would remain for most of his life, even after his mother's death.  Augustus stayed locked away for so long and was used as a guinea pig for the doctor's psychological experiments that his memories became considerably damaged as he would have difficulty remembering his own name prompting him to go simply as Gus.  After decades in the Asylum, Gus became friends with two inmates named Prof. Phineas Queeg and Ezra Dobbins when he recognized them talking about a place called Gracey Manor, although at the time he could not remember how he knew that name.  Eventually the three managed to escape the asylum and hitchhiked back into the city of New Orleans.

Upon arriving at Gracey Manor, they were suprised to discover that the plaque on the gate now read, "The Haunted Mansion" rather than the address of the house.  As the three entered the mansion in hopes of robbing it of whatever goods were left within, the three were shocked when they heard a booming, familiar voice echoing in from the walls.  The three were welcomed by the ghost of the late Solomon Gastley who explained to them that he commit suicide before the police could find him, however rather than directly terrorizing the three men as he did with most foolish mortals, Solomon decided he had better plans in store for them.  The ghost of Solomon was joined by that of his late-fiancée Lillian who explained to the three criminals that they transformed the mansion into a home for spirits from around the world but that they had difficulty reaching out to other deceased souls, which is where they would come in.  Lillian handed the three a supernatural contract which stated that if they signed the document, the three would be fed dark power directly from the mansion which would allow them to have relative supernatural materializing power from wherever they travelled and that they would be treated like first rate guests of the mansion, at the cost of them commiting suicide and swearing their souls as servants of the Haunted Mansion who would travel the globe in order to act as representatives of the Haunted Mansion and bring lost souls back the the estate. Gus agreeed to the contract as most of his life had already been stolen from him by doctors and asylum owners and he was more than willing to spend an eternity of freedom and dark powers.  Upon signing the contract, Gus reattached the ball-and-chain which he kept from the asylum to his ankle, and went to a well in the Mansion's ajoining cemetery where he dropped the ball in and subsequently drowned to death.

The Staring Busts

Names: Lucius and Lucretia Gastley

Lucius and Lucretia Gastley were two married gothic horror story ghost writers, and although they did care for one another very much they very cold and bitter people.  In fact they were so cold that when Lucretia gave birth to Lucius' child, they initially planned on leaving the child for dead by throwing it in a river due to the infant's hideous appearance and monstrous deformities.  However on the carriage ride to the river, the two began feeling sympathy for the little brute and thus they chose to let it live, but not raise it as their own.  They gave the child to their closest family for them to raise as they already had a child of their own, and the two ghost writers managed to persuade the couple to take the hideous infant and informed them that they would pay for whatever extra spending the child might cost them.  Initially the infant's new parents said that they were going to name him Paul Jr., but Lucius and Lucretia forbid them from doing so, and instead named the child, Solomon.

In the years to follow, Solomon knew Lucius and Lucretia as his aunt and uncle although he did not know of them know which of them were blood relatives and which were related by marriage as they both looked and acted so identical, their parents also refused to answer and Solomon found himself too afraid to ask the two himself. Both Lucretia and Lucius were very cold and distant authors with seemingly their only passions being literature, especially that which explored fear, death and the supernatural, a passion which they passed onto their nephew Solomon.  Being deformed and disturbed, Solomon spent most of his time locking himself away from the world, so despite their coldness Lucius and Lucretia took passion in aiding Solomon to develop a greatly educated literary mind and took him under their wing to instuct him on deeper meaning, literary motifs and expansive language while also giving him novels and plays to read in his free time.  Solomon would also aid his aunt and uncle as they wrote which is where he first met their apprentice Amicus Arcane who he shared much in common with.  Lucius and Lucretia Gastley tragically died while Solomon was a young man in a large fire which also killed his parents and destroyed his childhood home.  In honor of his beloved aunt and uncle, Solomon comissioned marble busts to be carved in their image, busts that so greatly resembled them that it often seemed like the two were still staring down at passers by with their bitter cold glances. 

The Ambassador

Name: Ambassador Alexander Yefimovich Nitrokoff

Life: 1836-1875

Cause of Death: Blown Apart

Alexander Nitrokoff was a decorated Russian soldier who became so high ranking and respected that he was promoted to being a Russian Ambassador in the USA.  Alexander was sent to live in the Russian Embassy in Louisiana.  In Louisiana, the Ambassador became good friends with a plantation owner named Jamie Gastley who was known for throwing very wild and grand parties at his stately manor.  The Ambassador loved these grand parties as his decorated attire and status would often inspire respect and intimidation in others at the parties, allowing Nitrokoff to enjoy himself knowing that he was the most feared and powerful one in the entire upperclass circle of New Orleans.  Jamie however went broke after the end of the American Civil War and Alexander's dear friend was thus forced to live with his younger brother Solomon in the French Quarters of New Orleans.  Alexander and Jamie would still spend much time together and as such Alexander would spend much time in Solomon's grand mansion.  Solomon and Alexander did not get along particularily well as Solomon was the only man Alexander ever met who truly made him afraid which was not something he appreciated while Solomon believed the Ambassador to be nothing more than a morally corrupt man-child with materialistic delusions of power and grandeur.

The Librarian

Name: Amicus Jonathon Arcane

The Ghost Relations Department

Director: Lillian Leota

Other Members: Prof. Phineas Queeg , Ezra Dobbins, Gus

The Ghost Relations Department was an organization founded by Lillian Leota.  While Lillian's partner worked on the Mansion itself in order to make it the ideal un-living location for all sorts of happy haunts from all over the world, Lillian worked towards seeking out lost souls and malevolent spirits from across the globe in order to offer them leases at the Haunted Mansion. Lillian herself could only ever manage to travel across Louisiana as the farther she found herself from Gracey Manor, the less materializing power she found herself having and as such she was forced to mainly rely on the use of letters sent advertising to mansion to places like Greece, England and Rome in hopes of spirits finding the leases and answering to the manor's calls.  Although this plan worked fine it failed to bring in large numbers of spirits to fill the Haunted Mansion's quota, this changed however in 1871 when the manor was visited by three criminals, two of which were mercenaries that Lillian's partner had previously had under his employment.  The three men came to the mansion in an effort to rob it, believing it to be abandoned only to discover that the Mansion was haunted by their former employers.  Eager to sieze this opportunity, Lillian and her lover made the three men a deal, which was that if they signed a supernatural contract with the Ghost Relations Department saying that they would act as the manor's representatives and aid the GRD in filling the mansion's quota, then Lillian and her lover would bind the three to the Haunted Mansion in such a way that they could have the power to materialize sufficiently from anywhere and be treated like the mansion's first class guests.  Although it took some persuading, the three eventually agreed and under the instructions of their host and hostess, commited group suicide on the mansion's grounds only to return from death as ghosts.

Working as representations of the Ghost Relations Department, the three hitchhiking ghosts travelled from New Orleans to reportedly supernatural locations all across the world like Sleepy Hollow, Isla Tesoro, Lovecraft County, and the Big Thunder Mountain Range in search of new guest residents.  The first 5 guests found by the GRD were Mrs. April December , Captain Hendrick van der Decken , Medusa , Sir Edward of Woodstock, and a werecat named Amber LaTigre, with each of them being given a portrait painted personally by Lillian Leota in the mansion's extended gallery.  On several occasions when the three needed significant increases of guests for their quota, they would pursue several mortals and either lure them to the Haunted Mansion or kill them and assuming their souls became ghosts, would subsequently offer them post-lifetime leases in the Manor.  Lillian herself oversaw the operations of the three hitchhikers, worked as the creative force behind promotional material and also kept track of the Mansion's guests and residents through detailed records and death certificates.  Over the years the mansion assembled a swinging jamboree of hundreds of spirits including the ghosts of Count Dracula, Jack the Ripper, Henry VIII, Bluebeard, Julias Caesar, Grigori Rasputin, the Phantom Five of Tedsworth and the infamous Witch of Walpurgis.

The Macabre Guests

Associated Names: Theo Later, Dustin T. Dust, U.R. Gone, Levi Tation, Ray N. Carnation, I.M. Mortal, I. Trudy Departed, Rustin Peece, I.L. Beback, M.T. Tomb, Claire Voince and Pearl E. Gates

Died: 1868

In the October of 1868, the murderous madman Solomon Gastley AKA The Hatchet Man of New Orleans, was on an occult mass murder spree and set forward a scheme to slaughter thirteen of Louisiana's wealthy and elite all at once without arousing suspicion.  Throughout that Octobre, Solomon hand-selected thirteen of New Orleans' elite, making sure that none of them knew any of the others, and he then subsequently invited them to a Halloween Party at Gracey Manor with the cruellest of intentions on his mind.  In the years prior to Solomon's fiancée's death, Gracey Manor had been New Orleans' most notable location for the gothic trends of high-end Victorian Louisiana, but since those years past Solomon had become something of an antisocial recluse, so to help invite his guests he wrote letters to each of them telling them that they were hand chosen to serve as participants for a secretive and exclusive night in the notorious Haunted Mansion of New Orleans, and that if they told a single living soul of the party that they would immediately become blacklisted from the event.  The guests ranged from plantation owners, heiresses and even to newspaper journalists, all of whom were more than willing to partake in the exclusive event.

Upon arriving at Gracey Manor, each of the six men and seven women was given by Gastley a macabre masquerade mask to cloak their identities further, and a nametag with a morbid themed punny name which would become their alias for the remainder of the night.  Although the masques were to make certain that noone would be recognized any further, the nametags were simply added because Solomon found them funny.  For the remainder of the night, the thirteen men and women were treated to Halloween themed snacks, gothic music, and disturbed party games, and a brief tour of the Haunted Mansion along with a brief history of it's blood stained past.  By midnight, most of the guests were in bed in the Mansion's many guest rooms and Solomon began putting his maleficious plot into action.  While the guests were sleeping in the bedchambers provided for them all that night, Solomon snuck through secret corridors hidden behind the walls and activated death traps which he had previously installed in the bedrooms and with the flick of a lever, Solomon executed all of the aristocrats by releasing lethal gas into their bedrooms, when the guests smelled the gas they ran to their doors and began screaming and pounding at their doors in an effort to escape into the corridor of doors and away from their imminent demise, with one breathing so deepy and pressing so hard at the door that Solomon chuckled at noting the door appeared to be breathing.

Although Solomon had commit mass genocide, noone suspected him as none of the guests told anyone of their plans for that night out of fear for being blacklisted from the event, and in some twisted sense of respect to the dead, Solomon chose to bury the thirteen poor unfortunate souls in crypts on the Mansion's grounds, with the epitaphs only reading their Halloween themed pun names of course.

The Servants

The Head Butler: Beauregard Kenneth Anderson

The Head Maid: Eliza Dorothy Anderson

PART III: The Murderess

The Groom

Name: George Richard Hightower

Life: 1837-1877

Cause of Death:  Axe Blow to the Skull

George Hightower was the youngest son of the Hightower family in the city of New York which was one of the most wealthy and powerful families in all of America, if not the world.  For George's entire family all that he ever wanted was to setlle down with a lovely wife and start a family so that they could grow old together, however George never found himself able to settle down due to no woman ever seeming perfect enough for him.  Every time George would find a beautiful, well dressed woman of reasonable class, George would always seem to find something about them that made him immediately break up with them.  Sometimes they wouldn't be smart or cultured enough for his taste, other times they were so intelligent and cultured that he felt too intimated, sometimes the women had strange habits or hobbies, and other times he found them too judgemental.  Believing the problem to be that New York women were good enough for him, George chose to move across the country to Newport Beach, California where his family owned some property.

In California, after years upon years in Californa, George still had no luck in finding a good woman to become his wife.  That is until George's 40th birthday party which was being thrown by a good friend of his where he became entranced with a beautiful blonde woman who had previously bumped into him on the footsteps of the building.  Inside the building, George asked his friend who she was and learned that she was a woman named Constance Hatchaway who had moved to Newport Beach two years before, after the death of her husband the railroad baron Reginald Caine whom George's friend had been gambling buddies with.  Upon learning her identity, George aproached Constance and began to romance her, while doing so he was astonished to find that there wasn't a single flaw in her being, she was cultured and intelligent but not intimidating, beautiful and well dressed but didn't have much of an ego about it, and most importantly she showed loads of admiration to George but not so much that he felt overwhelmed by her.  By the end of the night George had already proposed to Constance and asked her to move in with him. For the following weeks, Constance was living in George's seaside manor as the two prepared for their wedding.  But on one day, George recieved a letter from his brother Harrison who had not seen in ages, with the letter saying that he could not attend George's wedding but instead giving his brother the deed to a ludicrously massive and extravagent mansion in the city of New Orleans.  Upon learning of this deed, Constance urged her fiancée to have them move to New Orleans for the wedding, with her reasoning being that it would be such a more lovely location, and so George agreed to move to the city.

Upon arriving in New Orleans, George and Constance were suprised to learn from some of the natives of the city that the estate which they were given was a notorious site which was said to be inhabited by dozens if not hundreds of malevolent spirits.  Being something of a superstitious man, George purchased a small appartment in New Orleans Square rather than stay in the manor, but Constance who didn't seem all that phased by the news insisted that she was sure she could fix up the mansion before their wedding and she thus began taking several trips alone to the estate and when George would see her afterwards she would always seem completely unphased but she still insisted that he could not visit the estate until she had finished fixing it up.

On the day of her wedding to George, the wedding ceremony was to be held in the Mansion's Great Hall with an audience of twelve of New Orleans' most elite, their minister, their organist and a large number of macabre servants who Constance said she hired to serve them.  The wedding went exactly as planned but during the afterparty while the guests were waltzing to the organist's music, George found himself hearing strange noises that sounded like harpsichord music which noone else seemed to notice.  George followed the sound of the music up to the mansion's second floor where he was lured to a wall decorated with the portrait of a strange lady who looked suprisingly like Constance who was holding what looked to him like Opera Glasses.  Strangely enough when Solomon approached the wall to hear where the music was coming from, he saw what looked like a hidden wooden button engraved in the wall that seemed to glow slighty when he looked at it. When George pushed the button he heard the whizzing and clicking of machines and then to his suprise the wall to his left revealed itself to conceal a secret passageway which lead him to the Mansion's attic.

Within the attic, George was startled and confused to find a large assortment of strange items, and along with them were pictures of his wife with other men.  George explored the attic and found the pictures were all wedding photographs, with Constance appearing alongside a diferent man in each picture, and stranger still the heads of the husbands disappeared as he looked at them.  As George continued he realized that the music was coming from a harpsichord seemingly playing on it's own, until George saw the shadow of the harpsichord had the shadow of a phantom piano player, hunched over at his instrument.  When George finally processed the sight of the pianist, the shadow seemed to turn towards him and pointed it's finger towards a large window on the other side of the room.  George moved in the direction of the window which opened itself to show a stack of hatboxes which suddenly started dripping black liquid from their lids.  As George stared at the morbid discovery, he couldn't believe that his perfect bride would ever have such a dark history, so he decided to run to his bedroom in the mansion, grab his pistol, and call for one of the servants bring Constance to the room.

When Constance came to the room, George pointed his gun at her and told her that if she screamed or ran away he would shoot her.  Constance looked terrified and betrayed but George was uncertain of how much he could trust his wife.  George interrogated Constance about the things which he saw in the attic, about the husbands and about the mysterious shadow pianist but Constance insisted that she had no idea whatsoever what George was talking about, telling him that the Mansion must truly be haunted and that what he saw was a trick being played on him by the spirits of the mansion trying to play off of his fears and drive him to murder.  George processed her theory and realized that it made the most sense, after all how could any woman as perfect as Constance be a gold-digging murderess. Horrified at his actions, George threw the pistol at the ground and crying from fear and regret, went on his knees to embrace his bride's legs, begging forgiveness asking her if she would still spend her life with him.  Suddenly George was pushed to the ground by a force that left an intense, cold pain on his head.  George tried to move but realized that his body wasn't obeying him as he felt blood running down his head, and as he felt the life start to drain away, Constance leaned towards his ear and whispered, "As long as we both shall live".

The Waltzing Dead

Names: Monsieurs et Madammes Pissenlit, DeRose, L'Agrume, Turquoise, LaSaumon, et LeVerte

Died: 1877

Monsieurs et Madammes Pissenlit, DeRose, L'Agrume, Turquoise, LeSaumon, et LeVerte were all young wealthy married couples who lived in New Orleans.  The twelve all considered one another to be good friends however they never truly opened up to any of the others or trusted the others to have their back as they were all more concerned with being a part of the circles of high society rather than being friends.  The twelve all met once a week in New Orleans Square's most exclusive club, Club 33 where they would chat, drink and dance.  In 1877, the twelve met a wealthy engaged couple from California who they wished to join their group, one was an older man named George Hightower who seemed a little off to them, but the other was a beautiful and charming woman named Constance Hatchaway.  The twelve were the only guests to have been invited to their private wedding which was being held in the Great Hall of the Haunted Mansion, an idea which seemed marvelously edgy to them all, despite the fear which they held for the estate.  After the wedding, the six couples waltzed with one another to the music of the Great Hall's pipe organ, hardly even noticing that the bride and groom had seemingly dissapeared.  Later on in the night they witnessed Constance in a panicked fit running across the Great Hall balcony calling out George's name, but they were certain that it was none of their business and they continued to waltz.  But things took a truly dark turn for the couples when suddenly and without warning they found themselves unable to stop waltzing and as the music of the organ intensified, their dance became more and more out of control.  For hours they found themselves dancing despite their feet being so sore that it felt like they were dancing on nails, and their muscles becoming so tired that every fibre of their body felt like it was on fire.  They were exhausted but could not pass-out, and after screaming for help for several hours their throats became so worn out that they were rendered practically mute, so all that they could do was sob and waltz.  They became hopeful when Constance returned to the Great Hall and as she walked down the steps to the ballroom floor, each of them attempted to beg her for help but their voices still could not be heard, but all that Constance did was thank the twelve for attending her wedding and for truly being the life of the party, but now it was time for them to get some rest.  Then, just like that, they all dropped dead from exhaustion.

The Organist

Name: Herr Gaylord von Ravenscroft

Life: 1842-1877

Cause of Death: Stabbed

Herr Gaylord Ravonscroft von Ravenscroft was the child of two prominent music composers in Germany who had Gaylord extensively study how to play and compose music, with his favourite instrument being the pipe organ.  When Gaylord was a young man, his parents were killed by an angry mob of aristocrats after having put on a show with music so horrible that it drove the crowd to kill them.  After recieving his inheritence, Gaylord fled Europe and sailed to America where he settled in the state of Louisiana in the city of New Orleans, here Gaylord intended to write masterpiece works of art in the lively bohemian enviroment of the franco-American city but to pay the bills he found work as a church organist at the St. Lauren Cathedral.  Gaylord spent years of his life attempting to compose his perfect symphony, already having composed eight symphonies none of which lived up to his aspirations.

In 1877, Ravenscroft found himself being hired to perform at a private wedding ceremony being held in an old mansion in the French Quarters that the locals called "Le Manoir Hanté" because it had a bloody and tragic past of murder and black magic.  At the wedding rehearsal, Ravenscroft found himself performing on an old pipe organ which had difficulties creating normal melodies from due to the Organ having apparently having suffered extreme water damage, and him having even found several barnacles and kelp inside of the organ's pipes, along with a giant imprint on it's back that looked as if it was caused by some kind of giant octopus or squid.  Due to this the organ's music came out distorted and at times even seemed as if it was playing backwards when he practiced on the instrument, however Ravenscroft accepted the challenge and chose to perfect the instrument for the ceremony.

Thanks to Ravenscroft's skill, the music at the wedding was played sucessfully without any notable distortions of sound.  So proceeding the wedding during the afterparty, Ravsencroft performed organ covers of several of his symphonies for the wedding guests to waltz to.  Strangely enough, during the afterparty Ravenscroft lost control over his hands and arms as they began to play out of control.  Although initially panicked, Ravenscroft began to consider the experience as a kind of ecstacy as he found himself inspired by the loss of control and his musical thoughts seemed to be tranformed instantly into music at his fingertips on the instrument.  Behind him Ravenscroft could hear a dozen voices screaming and begging for help, but they only inspired his work further and Ravenscroft was too deep in bliss to turn around.  To Ravenscroft, it only felt like a few minutes of musical ecstacy, but eventually he realized that he had been playing for hours and that all of the guests of the wedding had seemed to have died of exhaustion, and then Ravenscroft regained control of his hands.

Throughout the following day, Ravenscroft was interrogated by police officer after police officer, each concerned over the incident that took place the night before and how twelve upper class New Orleans men and woman danced themselves to death.  Ravenscroft did not care about the death however, as it had given him the inspiration that he needed to compose his ninth symphony, and in his mind the incident that cost the lives of so many incidents was the work of a Muse or Angel of Music, delivering him a message from regions beyond.  So for the following weeks with his fingers still bright red and bandaged from the night he was forced to play, Ravenscroft obsessively composed his ninth symphony, using the memories of the night in the mansion as inspiration to try and create his masterpiece.  However normal instruments could not apease his vision, so instead he began designing twisted malformed instruments of his own design which distorted his music in the same fashion as the Mansion's Pipe Organ.  Many of Ravenscroft's instruments were built from oddities which he purchased at an old antiquities shop in New Orleans' Square and as his instruments became more and more mutated and unnatural, the composition itself became more disturbed and supernatural.  At one point, Gaylord even incorporated elements from Shakespearian poetry and the heathen incantations Ancient Scottish Drudes which he purchased at the shop in New Orleans' Square.

With his work finally complete Ravenscroft called his piece "Grim Grinning Ghosts" and he dedicated it to Death itself, of whom he would never have had the stroke of genius to compose the piece without.  After performing his masterpiece at a symphony, his artwork became seen as so strangely disturbed and offensive to the people of the day that the audience formed a riot and began assaulting Ravenscroft by pummeling him with vegetables and tomatoes for wasting their precious time.  To find sanctuary, Ravenscroft retreated to the mansion which gave him his inspiration in the first place, entering through the Great Hall's doors which connected the house to the forest glade.  Despite hearing macabre noises emminating from the mansion's walls, Ravenscroft believed that he had nothing more to live for and he sat down at the hauntingly water-damaged pipe organ to play his ninth symphony one last time before taking his own life by stabbing himself in the gut.  While playing his morbid melody, the ghosts of those dancers who died the night he first performed on the organ materialized behind him, once again dancing with no trace of stopping.  The ghosts of the mansion heard the organist's strange ode-to-death and became to entranced with it that they all began to swarm in the great hall to listen.  After Ravenscroft finished and commit suicide, the performance was met by the clattering applause of over 100 spirits and the mansion's host decided to bring Ravenscroft's soul back from death and give his spirit the duty of serving as the mansion's resident organist who will have the duty of performing Grim Grinning Ghosts from then on till the day he died with the ghosts of the ballroom dancers serving as a captive audience.  From that day forward, nearly anywhere on the mansion's grounds you can hear the twisted instrumental merry melodies of the late-composer and from the cemetery, you can hear the ghosts of the mansion singing and playing along.

The Black Widow Bride

Name: Abigail Mary Patecleaver changed to Constance Emily Hatchaway

Life: 1851-1928

Cause of Death: Heart Attack

In 19th century American history, there have been many notorious murderers like Lizzie Borden and H.H. Holmes, but of them all only one had ever managed to continue their crime-spree after their own death.  This murderess was Constance Hatchaway, better known as the Black Widow Bride, who's ghost is said to haunt to attic of the Haunted Mansion, luring away and brutally murdering mortals for sheer amusement.

Although she would one day become known as Constance Hatchaway, her original name was Abigail Mary Patecleaver.  Abigail's mother Emily had died giving birth and as such she was raised by her father Norman who was a failed California pianist that fell into a deep depression after the death of his beloved Emily.  Norman spent all of his time in a drunken sadness, playing melancholly music upon his harpsichord, and thus he subsequently left his child daughter to take care of herself and the household.  Abigail was forced to clean the house, tend to the gardens, cook all of the food, and to chop the lumber every day entirely on her own as her father drank and played on his precious instrument, occasionally checking in on his daughter to judge and criticize her.  Dreaming of a happier life Abigail spent her childhood convincing herself that someday she would be saved by a hero or a fairy godmother like all of the princesses in the books and stories that she read and that someday she would be living in luxory, with a grand mansion, expensive dresses, a beautiful rose garden and a large fortune.  After years of emotional abuse and forced labour, Abigail began developing an hightened sense of dark humor along with an high functioning lack of empathy for most others.  Abigail finally snapped on her 16th birthday when she realized how much better off she would be without her father and that no charming hero would ever rescue her so if she wanted to achieve her dreams she would have to take things into her own hand.  That night as her father played his beloved harpsichord Abigail went outside to grab the hatchet which she so often used to chop wood for him.  Abigail then aproached her father and told him to turn around and look at her,  when Norman turned around his eyes met with her's as she read the expressions of terror, betrayal and sadness in his eyes as she hacked off his head with the axe.  Following the murder, Abigail put her father's severed head in a hatbox and the bloodsoaked hatchet in a case as twisted souvenirs of the murder as well as the life which she was leaving in her past.

Abigail ran away from Money County from which she was born and raised, relocating to Secret County where she changed her name to Constance Hatchaway, a name which she selected as an eternal reminder of her murderous origins.  In Secret County, the beautiful Constance found work as an actress in the county's playhouse where she became one of the troop's most renowned actresses.  It was in one of these shows, while playing the character of Ophelia that she caught the eye of a wealthy heir named Ambrose Harper.  Ambrose was a naive but good-hearted young man who fell head-over-heels in love with Constance despite her often coming off as strange, dissafected, disturbed and considerably uncaring for him. For two years,  Ambrose showered the young Constance in gifts and picnics in an effort to romance her, eventually managing to wear her down when Constance realized that marrying into wealth was most likely her best opportunity at living the life of luxory which she had always dreamed of.  In 1869, Constance and Ambrose arranged to be married which launched an internal struggle within Constance's mind, on the one hand she wanted to live a like a queen more than anything in the world, but on the other hand she was depressed and disgusted at the thought of living the rest of her life with Ambrose, a man who was so disgustingly naive, over-eager, and small minded.  Due to this Constance spent her wedding day in what felt like a dissafected daze, trying to find a way out of the union without threatening her rise to wealth.  So on their wedding night when Constance was unpacking several of her belongings into Ambrose's house, she looked around and realized how as the woman of the house she would likely be expected to do domestic work just as she did for her father, something which she loathed doing more than most things.  So when she saw the case that held the hatchet she used to slay her father, Constance had a stroke of inspirtation which made her smile for the first time since having accepting Ambrose's proposal.  With the house to themselves for their wedding night, Constance aproached Ambrose waiting on the bed for her, not noticing the axe Constance was brandishing behind her back.  Ambrose got up from the bed and eagerly kissed his beloved bride, asking her to tell him that she'll be happy spending her life with him, to which Constance smiled replied, "Till death do us part" before pulling out her weapon and severing her groom's neck and subsequently watching the life drain from his eyes.  Just as she did with her father, Constance chose to keep Ambrose's head in a hatbox in order to commemorate the event and have a memento of her past, although now Constance discovered a new way assured to help her rise to the life of luxory which she always dreamed of.

After having felt she pretended to mourn for a suitable amount of time, Constance packed up her goods and moved to Bulfor's Island, California in search of new game.  This came in the form of a high-end eastern banker named Frank Banks who had moved to Bulfor's Island where he had subsequently become a mutually admired, pillar of the community.  Constance found herself learning how to act more appealing based on the men she hunted, with Frank that meant she had to act strong, independent, well cultured and cheery all of which doubled with her already beautiful appearance to make Frank fall head-over-heels with her.  However, the first night that Constance and Frank slept together, Constance found herself trapped in a nightmare where she was being tormented by the corpse of Ambrose Harper along with a dark, familiar shadow that played a twisted wedding march upon an unseen harpsichord as Constance was tortured by the vision.  Believing it was nothing more than a bad-dream Constance continued her life as normal when awaking but the following night the nightmares continued to plague her, and after her wedding to Frank Banks when she axed him off, Frank's spirit joined with Ambrose and the shadow to haunt her dreams.

Despite the ever-waking nightmares, Constance refused to give up her murder-spree, not only in the pursuit of wealth, but because it helped to satisfy her inner-demons to watch someone ignorant enough to trust her look her in the eye as she killed them, she was a hunter and wealthy bachelors were her prey.  So in the following years Constance married and murdered two more men, each richer than the last.  One was a decorated Chinese noble called Le Marquis de Doome (as he never shared with her his real name), and after him she married and murdered a railroad tycoon named Reginald Caine.  With each murder, Constance continued to increase her fortune, widen her souvenir collection and become haunted by more visions of victims, but Constance refused to quit her pursuit of her dream.

Constance's fifth and final fiancée was George Hightower, a member of the most wealthy family in America.  Together Constance and George moved to New Orleans in order to live in a mansion that they were given by George's older brother.  Upon arriving at the estate, the two were shocked to learn from locals that the mansion was apparently haunted by the ghost of a cultist serial-killer from a decade ago.  Constance was incredibly intrigued by the discovery as she wondered if the mansion might contain the secret to stop being haunted by the ghosts of her victims and prevent being haunted by any more possible victims in the future.  Telling George that she was going to see if she could fix up the estate for their wedding, Constance journeyed alone to the abandonned Haunted Mansion.  Upon entering the estate, Constance was greeted by a deep and twisted voice which seemed to be echoing from the very walls of the estate, the voice greeted her to the manor and referred to her as being nothing more than a foolish mortal.  However before her ghost host could continue, Constance interrupted him to tell the spirit that she didn't come based on morbid curiosity or a malplaced sense of bravery, but that she came looking to make a deal as she had several souls she wished to give the spirit.  Intrigued by the woman's claims, the spirit decided to invite her into his private study in order to learn more, just in case it was worth while.

Constance explained to her host that she was a murderess being plagued by the souls of her victims who haunted her sleep and that she would like to have them removed from her mind and in return she would give the spirits to the Host to do as he pleased.  By his voice, Constance could tell that the Host simply thought she was insane from guilt to which Constance informed him that she had no empathy or regret for her victims and that guilt for those killed was beyond her as all of those whom she slaughtered were material, conceded and ignorant of the truths the universe held.  Upon hearing this, the Host recognized parts of himself inside of Constance, and he informed her that he would aid giving her peace of mind, but for something other than the ghosts that plagued her mind, he wanted her soul.  The Ghost Host explained to Constance that the Haunted Mansion held a kind of pocket realm for spirits which allowed it to have impossible, mind melding architecture such as endless corridors and stretching rooms, but in order to keep it afloat the mansion itself needs to feed off of spirit.  The mansion recquires a maximum of three souls of black-hearted indivisuals to be completely bound to, the Host himself has already bound his soul as has the mansion's clairvoyant Madame Leota, but the unbalance has been feeding off of their minds and powers so they need one more black-heart to bind themself.  The Host would remove the ghosts of Constance's past and trap them in the mansion's attic, but in return Constance would sell her soul to the mansion so upon her death she would become one with the mansion, and her soul would never be able to leave the manor's grounds.  Constance proceeded to sign on with the Haunted Mansion through an enchanted contract which she signed using her own blood, and following the accord Constance was brought to the mansion's séance chamber where a woman ghost occupying a floating crystal ball became chanting incantations which resulted in Constance falling into a deep and peaceful slumber.

When Constance awoke, she was in her bed in her the appartment George bought in New Orleans Square and she realized that her agreement worked and her dreams were no longer haunted by her victims.  Following this event Constance began making several visits to the Haunted Mansion in an effort to become more familiar with it and to prepare for her mariage to George.  While at the mansion, Constance learned that the souls of her victims-turned-tormentors were imprisoned by the Ghost Host in the mansion's attic which could only be accessed by a secret passageway, learning this information Constance began using the very same attic to stash away the souvenirs of her life of crime as the ghosts in the attic were too weak to do anything about it.  The Ghost Host agreed to let Constance hold her marriage to Hightower in the mansion's Great Hall without any interference from the manor's undead residents as Constance thought that the mansion's haunted nature would likely make her crime go more under the radar.

On the day of the wedding, the guests began pouring into the Great Hall for the wedding which was being staffed by the Mansion's servants.  The ceremony went through as planned so the couple was sucessfully married.  But at some point after the ceremony when Constance was preparing her hatchet, she was notified by one of the servants that George had dissapeared from the after-party.  Panicked, Constance stuffed her beloved hatchet into her garder belt and began searching for him, much to the confusion and intrigue of the wedding's guests.  Eventually Constance found herself being notified by one of the servants that George was waiting for her in the Master Bedroom.  Within the bedroom, Constance was greeted at gun point by her husband who was yelling at her about what he found she was keeping in the attic, but being quick on her feet she forced herself to begin crying and acting terrified, while reinforcing the idea to George that it was the Haunted Mansion playing tricks on his mind. To Constance's delight, delirious man fell for the act and dropped to his knees to beg for forgiveness for his actions as Constance used to opportunity to pull her hatchet from her garder belt and she then proceeded to ram the axe's blade into George's skull.

Dissapointed with the series of unfortunate events which had taken place that evening, Constance used her axe to sever her late-husband's neck post-mortem for her collection and having already acted suspiciously with the guests and having her wedding dress already covered in blood, Constance called upon the Ghost Host to "take care" of his guests in the Great Hall.  The Ghost Host had the mansion's clairvoyant Madame Leota place a curse on the dancers which forced them to dance without stopping until they died of exhaustion and the organist wasn't a threat so they merely planned on scaring him by manipulating the curse to make his hands play organ non-stop.  By morning the twelve wedding guests were all deceased, the organist was in a state of silent shock, George Hightower was declared dead, and Constance played the grieving victim to the police officers, hiding the fact she was more than delighted to have a massive inheritence, and a new head for her collection.

Tragically for Constance however, the police still investigated Constance's past and found out that this was the fifth husband of her's found decapitated on their wedding night, and an official investigation was opened.  The Newspapers called her "The Black Widow Bride" a name which Constance had to admit she liked a fair bit, but she also realized that if she was found guilty she would either be imprisoned in an Insane Asylum, or executed for five-accounts of first degree matricide.  However through her wit and cunning (along with the passive sexism of the Jury) Constance was not only deemed innocent despite an overwhelming amount of evidence, but she also managed to pin the crime on another.  Constance than proceeded to take her wealth and settle down in New Orleans despite her peers being understandably frightened of her.  So through a lifetime of murder and scheming, Constance obtained the wealth and manor she always dreamed of and she lived long into her old age with no regrets of having murdered her husbands or her father, as there was only one crime which truly haunted her.  A crime which Constance buried into the far back of her subconscious in hopes of forgeting. But on a hot summer day in 1928 while Constance was tending to her rose garden as her pet poodle Fifi ran around the yard, Constance saw the vision of the one she forever regrets having killed, and after he spoke three words from his mouth, the elderly Widow had a heart attack and died with her soul finally becoming bound to the Haunted Mansion.

Once her ghost returned to the estate, Constance realized that she was once again young and beautiful as she was in her glory days.  Constance also found her spirit able to do extraordinarily strange things as an unforseen result of having been so insane and bound the the mansion.  One of her new powers let her summon her hatchet as she pleased and use it on both mortals and other ghosts, giving her the power to kill the souls of the deceased as well as the living.  Realizing that she was too powerful and evil to be trusted, Madame Leota and the Ghost Host used their own powers to imprison Constance's soul in the attic of the mansion which became both her lair.  Constance gained complete control over the attic of the mansion and all of it's inhabitants, but the Host proceeded to keep the attic as off limits as possible to the mansion's ghosts as to protect their souls from the Black Widow Bride.

The Quicksand Men

Names: Charles Hobbs Sr. Sr., Charles Hobbs Jr. Sr., and Charles Hobbs Jr. Jr.

Date of Deaths: 1928

Cause of Deaths: Suffocation

The Hobbs were a family of bankers who operated in New Orleans ever since having been made sucessful by Charles Hobbs Sr. Sr.'s father, Johann Hobbs who was a New Orleans banker who frequently faced rough circumstances and who made bad financial descission after bad financial desciscion.  All of this changed somewhat spontaneously when Charles against all odds made affiliations with the wealthy Gracey Family and acted as their personal banker; something made even more lucrative due to the Gracey Family's frequent deaths allowing him to make more money off of inheritence work, final testaments and being the financier behind the Gracey Estate.  Johann taught his son Charles everything that he knew about banking and after Johann died of what appeared to be spontaneous  combustion, Charles took up the family business.

Charles had a son of his own who he named Charles Jr. out of nepitism and whom he too groomed to be a banker with Charles Jr. going on to have his own son whom he named Charles Jr. Jr. (again out of nepitism rather than honouring his own father).  Each of the three men were greedy and self-concerned but this came to a fault in the 1910s after the men invested too much money in companies which went bankrupt in the timespans of only a few weeks.  The one sure-found place of financial prosper which the bankers had left was Gracey Manor, a large and grand ancestral estate which had been owned for decades upon decades by the elderly "Old Widow Hatchaway" who had inherited the household from her late-husband George long-long ago.

The three men decided on a plan to reclaim their lost wealth in the same fashion that Johann had;  they would produce convoluted legal forms regarding the nature in-which the Widow had come into ownership of the house and convince her to sell it or mortgage it to them, the family bankers.  The three would then reposess the property for a ludicrous price while staying "loyal" bankers to the old and frail Widow Hatchaway, continuing to manage her own wealth and aid her in acquiring a different home.  With the plan in motion the three made an appointment to meet with Mrs. Hatchaway in the Private Study of Gracey Manor.  The old widow was a kind and polite, charming woman who's warm demeanor made them more convinced that she was prime unsuspecting prey for their plot.  They presented her with their legal forms and explained that since she inherited the Mansion from marriage rather than any official will & testament that the Mansion was legally owned by the Hightower Family but since there were no more Hightowers left alive, the mansion would be reposessed via auction.

The old woman seemed visibly upset at first and began crying but when Charles Sr. Jr. caught a glimpse of her eyes he didn't see any tears but instead only coldness.  Constance composed herself and insisted that she was certain that she and the men could come to some understanding and that they should stay the night within the Mansion so that they could see for themselves what the place meant to her.  Later in the night Mrs. Hatchaway woke up the bankers and told them that she wished to give them a tour.  The old woman guided the men through the house's corridors guided only by a candelabra as the three men couldn't help but feeling as if the house was somehow watching them, almost like it was holding it's breathe in anticipation.

Their tour began in a demolished magazine with singed walls and ash falling from the cieling like snow.  The Widow told her guests that the room was destroyed before she and her late-husband came into ownership of the house but that she never really minded because it served as a reminder that the Mansion was never really completed; it was always changing.  Through the magazine they exited into the cemetery behind the house and passed through a dense glade of trees before coming to a mud-brown creek.

The Hatbox Ghost

Name: Leonidus "Lon" Norman Patecleaver changed to Hatcher Thomas Bloodmere

Life: 1851-1877

Cause of Death: Decapitation

The man who would one day become known as Hatcher Bloodmere was born under the name Leonidus "Lon" Patecleaver and was the twin brother of Abigail Patecleaver, who would later go on to assume the name Constance Hatchaway.  Lon was born a twisted right leg which rendered him effectively crippled from a young age and as such he spent his childhood years in a wheelchair and his teen years using a cane.  Due to his condition along with their father's melancholly imputence, Abigail was forced to spend her entire youth caring for the household and even acting like a type of stand-in parental figure for her own twin brother since their father was an emotionally distant and neglectful alcoholic.  Due to this Lon loved his sister very and wished that he could assist her more due to her constantly seeming exhausted and somewhat depressed about the life she was stuck in.  Due to this, on his and Abigail's 16th birthday, Lon stood up for his sister after their father began criticizing the taste of the cake she made for her own birthday party.  Intoxicated and feeling attacked, Norman began yelling and shouting at his son only for the boy to hold his ground, prompting Norman to strike the boy across the face with the beer stein he was holding.  The strike caused Lon to lose his balance and fall to the floor, while also leaving him with a lip scar and a missing tooth, all of which Norman dismissed as being an accident and the boy's own fault for disobeying him.  Later that evening, realizing that their lives would be better without him in it, Abigail murdered their father with an axe as he played his harpsichord and then followed to tell her brother that they were running away and that they were going to find a better life for both of them, so they robbed the family vault and as a twisted memento, Constance placed their father's severed head in a hatbox to keep with them on their journey.

After fleeing, the two changed their names to Hatcher Bloodmere and Constance Hatchaway and took up residence in the appartment above a hat shop in the neighbouring Secret County.  In Secret County, Hatcher took a job as the apprentice of the town's milliner who taught the young man how to become a hatter, prompting the humorous Constance to give him the nickname "Hatty" while she herself found work as an actress in the county playhouse.  After several years of living in poverty, Constance wound up reluctantly marrying a wealthy man named Ambrose Harper who was the son of the county's most sucessful farming family.    The night after Constance's wedding, Hatcher heard knocking on his door and when he opened it he was met by the face of his sister who was wearing a cloak, as underneith she was wearing a blood stained wedding gown.  Constance brought Hatcher to Ambrose's home where he saw Ambrose's corpse sprawled out across the blood-stained bed, with the blood trail leading towards Ambrose's severed head which was laying on the floor beside the bed.  Constance proceeded to explain to Hatcher that she refused to give up her life to Ambrose and settle to nothing more than settling on an allowance from his family's small fortune, but for the time being she needed Hatty to help clean up the evidence while she washed off the blood and hid the murder weapon and that they would split her inheritence amongst themselves. 

The Black Cat

Name: Pluto

Died: 1843

Pluto the Black Cat was once the pet of a married British couple who had a small menagerie's worth of pets, but of all of the pets Pluto was the master of the house's favourite.  Tragically one night, Pluto's owner became intoxicated and was angered when Pluto didn't go into his arms when he asked him to, so the drunk man grapped a pen and carved out one of the cat's eyes.  After that night, Pluto learned to hate his master but lacked in power so simply chose to avoid the man at all costs, something which ate away at the man's guilt for the event, climaxing in the owner killing Pluto by hanging the cat to death.  That same night, Pluto's hatred for mankind managed to prevent him from moving into the next life so instead it became a kind of ghost and burned down the couple's home that same night.  After these events, Pluto's ghosts hatred for mankind intensified to such an extent that it allowed his soul to independently gain a material form nearly identical to his old one, except for a white patch around his chest and neck which resembled a noose.  

Following gaining a new body, Pluto returned to his old owner's new home where he drove his killer to madness, using black magic to persuade the man to kill his own wife and then influencing the police to find the corpse, arrest, and imprison the man.  After the death, Pluto refused to leave the mortal world as he wished to cause distress and misery throughout the world of the species which tortured and killed him in an endless lust for vengeance.

The Shadow Pianist

Name: Norman Dale "Buddy" Patecleaver

Life: 1821-1867

Cause of Death: Decapitated

The Seer

Name: Emily Cassandra Patecleaver née. Cavenaugh

Life: 1826-1851

Emily Cavenaugh was a strange young girl from California who came from a long bloodline which was directly descended from Pythia, the famed Oracle of Delphi from the days of Ancient Greece, a woman who was given supernatural powers by the god Apollo which she came to call the gift of the "Lámpsi".  Emily's parents didn't have this gift but her grandmother Abigail did and as such she trained Emily in the art of the Lámpsi, teaching her how to read into the future and how to develop telepathy.  After the death of her grandmother, Emily was left her gran's mystical seeing lenses which allowed her clear vision into the future but she was warned not to abuse the power to disrupt fate or their would be serious consequences.  Emily however did use the lenses to unnaturally advance her life by using it to look into the future and find the man who would be her perfect husband and then seek him out, disrupting the natural order of fate.   After having found her true-love, a piano player named Buddy Patecleaver, the two were married and decided to start a family.  Soon enough, Emily became pregnant with twins who she and Buddy planned on naming Norman Jr. and Abigail after Emily's grandmother.  Deep into her pregnancy, during a deep sleep, Emily was given a vision where she was visited by the god Apollo who was accompanied by the three fates and they told Emily that since she used her gift to disrupt the natural order her children would not be human, but instead they would be monsters, one of whom would be an bloodthirsty succubus and the other a disturbed headless beast which would plague the world for eternity and be responsible for the loss of countless lives, including that of their own father.  Eager to save the world from the creatures which were growing inside of her, Emily wrote a suicide note and decided to take her own life instead of living to give birth, choosing to die through the use of Iocane powder, an odorless, tasteless, Australian poison which causes painless death.  Emily drank the poison but her suicide was interrupted by Buddy who found her suicide note too early and who only managed to come in time to be told one last message by his beloved wife, "....their...fault" and with that, Emily died in his arms.  Upon bringing her body to a doctor in hope for help, all that the doctor was able to do was deliver Emily's children before they too died along with their mother, the proceedure having had barely a sliver of chance for sucess but which was manipulated by Apollo and the Fates to make certain that the children would be born, with the only clear side-effect having been that the second twin was born with a frail skeleton and a twisted leg.

As Emily's intentions to stop her unborn children from being born did not prevail, Emily's soul remained in the mortal plain to keep an eye on her family, posessing a black cat which the family had taken in as a pet and which Buddy had incidentally named Emily after his late-wife.  Emily was only ever compassionate as a pet to her husband while acting extremely bitter and cruel to the two children as she held resentment for them having had made her suicide have been in vain.  In 1867, when Abigail murdered her father and fled with Hatcher, Emily used her dark powers to bring her husband back from death as a phantom to haunt their daughter's dreams.  Although Buddy's ghost was the only one which Abigail (now having changed her name to Constance) was ever aware of, it was truly Emily who was behind the scenes pulling the strings, granting the same supernatural gift of becoming a ghost to the several husbands which Constance married then subsequently murdered.  In 1877, the ghosts followed Constance to an already haunted estate which at the time was serving as a home for spirits from around the world.  Much to the misfortune of Emily and her followers, Constance made an agreement with the ghosts that ran the house to imprison the souls of the ghosts that were plaguing her dreams.  Initially, Emily saw little to no threat in this but soon enough, Buddy and the four dead grooms were imprisonned in the mansion's attic, a fate which Emily found easy to avoid due to her powerful supernatural abilities.  In order to free the spirits of her followers, the former seer confronted the ghost who's magic was responsible for trapping their souls there in the first place, the late-sorceress Madame Leota.  Emily aproached Madame Leota's chamber during one of her séances, and used her telepathic powers to read Leota's soul then try and attack the woman's ghost using her telepathy, only for Madame Leota to overpower her and imprison her soul into a portrait.  After being imprisoned, Emily's painted prison was put up on display by the entrance to the Attic.  Her spirit still had enough power to influence certain things on the outside, so during Constance's wedding to her latest fiancée George Hightower, Emily used her dark powers to lure the groom into the attic and find Constance's secrets.

The Hearse Driver

Name: Brigham Rickards

Life: 1817-1877

Brigham Rickards had been a servant of the Haunted Mansion ever since his teenaged years back in the days in which the manor was owned by Master Dorian Gracey.  Brigham was the family's driver and he had the job of driving the Graceys to wherever they need go, which meant that he was very aware of the family's criminal enterprise and was trusted by Master Gracey to stay quiet about the crimes.  After the Gracey Clan became cursed by Madame Leota, Brigham became the family's hearse driver in addition to their carriage driver, and he did this so often that by the time the Gracey's were almost all extinct with noone left but the manor's butler, maid, and Master Gracey's illegitimate daughter, Brigham and his trusted horse Shadow found work as the Whispering Glade Cemetery's official hearse drivers although he still worked as driver to the last living inhabitants of the estate.

During the 1860s, Brigham found himself under the employment of the house's then owner Solomon Hershel Gastley who was secretly a notorious serial killer known as "The Hatchet Man of New Orleans", Brigham being his driver was one of the few mortal souls who know of this and due to his years of service he was well trusted by the madman.  Brigham even drove his funeral hearse through the streets of New Orleans along with two criminals under Gastley's employment named Prof. Phineas Queeg and Ezra Dobbins where he would help them kidnap victims for their employer, using the hearse as a means of moving around unconscious bodies without arousing suspicion.  After Solomon sucessful used his occultist murders to transform the ancestral Gracey Manor into a house of the dead, he offered Brigham the opportunity to be given a place in the mansion as a ghost, but Brigham politely declined saying that he would rather live until he dies as god intends him too rather than take his own life and miss out on what could have been, although Brigham still agreed to serve as the Haunted Mansion's hearse driver.

Years later when Brigham was a very old man in the late 1870s, the mansion came under the posession of a wealthy engaged couple named George Hightower and Constance Hatchaway, so Brigham became their drivers.  But one day in 1879, George Hightower was mysteriously murdered so Brigham and Shadow were once again given the duty of serving as the driver of their late-employer's hearse.  Although this time while driving George's corpse to his plot in the cemetery, his beloved yet elderly horse Shadow died on the spot from exhaustion of pulling the heavy hearse, prompting Brigham to die almost immediately after of a broken heart. In death, both Brigham and Shadow became ghosts and were employed as the Haunted Mansion's official drivers, being given the new job of serving as a kind of taxi for the mansion's undead guests to go back and forth from the mansion in style as Madame Leota had enchanted the hearse to be more luxurious and comfortable from inside the casket-space, while to the outside it merely showed an advertisement for the Haunted Mansion.

Uncle Theodore and the Mellow Men

Names: Rolo Rumkin IV, Theodore Antonio Mellow, Algernorn Charles Schroeder, Ned Nub and Phineas Paxton Pock V

During the Jazz Era, Theodore Mellow was a popular singer from Marceline, Missouri who worked under the stagename of Uncle Theodore.  Theodore was renowned for his deep soft voice but he hated performing alone, and so he hired four of his choir friends from his school days who had grown up to be dapper dans that worked as singing barbers.  Together Theodore rebranded the five of them as Uncle Theodore and the Mellow Men and they became a big sucess.  On one of their tours of the country, the five men found themselves in the city of New Orleans.

The Dread Family

Names: Jacob Dread, Bertrum Dread, Florence Dread né McGriffon, Wellington Dread and Forsythia Dread

The Caretaker

Name: Silas Roland Crump

Silas Crump was originally a young man from Anaheim, California who moved to New Orleans in an effort to get away from his annoying family and start a life of his own in relative peace and solitude.  In New Orleans, Silas lived in a small apartment above a place called La Baton Rouge in New Orleans Square where he looked for work.  After days of search, Silas found a job posting in a newspaper which was advertising working as the sole caretaker of a mansion at 1313 Rue Esplenade.  Eager to have work that provided him with a large workspace, manual labor, and alot of silence as well as time alone, Silas arranged for an interview.  For the interview, Silas met with a strange petit woman who seemed to be of some ethnic descent but whose skin was so pale it almost seemed to glow, she also seemed to be young but her hair was silver and when he looked closesly her skin looked pruned and wrinkled.  The woman who introduced herself only as "the Hostess", informed Silas that the mansion he would be caring for serves as a kind of hotel or housing-complex for several guests who would be coming to the mansion from all over the globe.  To live in, Silas was given a small cabin located deep in the mansion's accompanying forest glade where his Hostess told Silas that nomatter what he sees and hears he should never step off the paths through the glade as the forested areas were dangerous wetlands filled with acidic mudpits and alligator infested waters. After this the Hostess took Silas on a short tour of the parts of the estate he would be charged with holding duties over.

The central location that Silas would take care of was the Mansion's massive adjacent cemetery which the hostess told him just like the glade, was filled with dangerous mudpits and marshes and that he should always be extremely wary while walking the grounds of, she then told him that he was to let the wildlife of the cemetery grow as it pleases and to leave the tombs and crypts to age.  Instead his work in the cemetery would be to simply implement several tombs which the mansion had being shipped in as well as corpses he was to bury.  After this the Hostess showed him the front of the manor where he was to neatly take care of an animal cemetery, several crypts with dark humored epitaphs, the gardens, and a small family plot in which he was instructed to leave a red rose on the tombstone of a man named "Gracey" every morning.  Although Silas was to be the caretaker of the estate, the hostess made it clear to him that if he ever entered the mansion itself without permission he would be terminated effective immediately as his job was to take care of the outside, and let the other servants take care of the inside.  Then just when she was about to leave she turned around to tell him one last thing which she forgot to mention, that nomatter what he hears or what he thinks that he sees, he should never leave his cabin at night.

Silas enjoyed his work as the caretaker but things were quite strange at the estate. For example, the days seemed to be shorter while always being dark and stormy, except of course when he left the grounds to go into the city.  Also the tombs which he had to bury in the cemetery, like a fully decked ancient Egyptian tomb, or to install a miniature playground area in one portion of the cemetery.  The nights of coarse were flooded by strange sounds and lights eminating from the windows of his cabin, scratching noises would come from the doors, distorted melodies would echo through the walls, and every dream he had was a horrible nightmare.  Despite all of this, Silas still relatively enjoyed his profession and chose to stay.

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