While an avid Wikia Contributer I am not particularily as well versed in the specifics of certain Wikia rules as I should be.  I made this blog post to ask if the creation on new category pages is permitted to a non-admin type figure is permited and if not I would like to sugest two new category pages which i feel would serve as Beneficial:

-Unused: A Category used for characters, locations and elements which did not make it into the final draft of an attraction such as:

  • The Museum of the Weird
  • Captain Gore
  • The One-Eyed Black Cat
  • The Bloodmere Mansion
  • Priscilla

-"Real Life Figures": A section not truly dedicated to real people responsible for the attractions or it's spin offs (ala. Marc Davis, Walt Disney, Paul Frees) but moreso the fictional characters and character groups which appear in the attractions and originate from real life history or real life fictional stories but none of which originate from the Haunted Mansion franchise itself. Exemples of these figures would include:

  • Count Dracula
  • Edward the Black Prince
  • Jack the Ripper
  • Medusa
  • Great Ceasar's Ghost
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