As some of you might already know the Disneyland Paris attraction Phantom Manor is undergoing a large refurbishment which several imagineers have noted is going to modify the story of the ride in both terms of what is presented and the backstory of the Manor (along with Vincent Price 's voice being reintalled into the attraction, which as a fan of classic horror is exciting for me).  In an interview one imagineer has made note that we are "Finally going to learn who the Phantom really is"  which could allude to his identity being of someone not Henry Ravenswood as previously assumed.  Posters added to the wall surrounding Phantom Manor have already referanced Madame Leota likely having a role in the new story, as well as seemingly new characters such as a criminal named Milo "One Eyed" Jones, Thunder Mesa's sheriff in the 1880s Will Ketchum, and a gang of River Pirates called the River Rogues.

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