The Trophy Room is a room for the keeping and exhibition of trophies in The Haunted Mansion. The most notable feature is the fireplace, it will expel surplus trophies at intruders.


When Zeke approaches the fireplace, it will cast fireballs at him. Hide behind the shields and use the fireballs to light the four candlebras around the room. Those fireballs has its own curve aiming, even when Zeke jumps. Meaning, Zeke can walk and jump, but he must hide behind those shields. A Bravery Tonic on the left side after the second armor, another Bravery Tonic is on the right side after the second armor. When Zeke reaches the main hall, some Evil Spirits may attack. Get the Bravery Tonic and the Fortune Card next to the silver armor. Continue move on with the shields or make a faster way to the left side/candle 2 - the shields will then automatically placed in front of Zeke's position. Place Zeke next to the first candlestick, then jump, letting the fireball turn on the candle. After, go behind the shields, ultra shot one shield skeleton in front (actually, four times fireballs will take over the job). Charge shots the shield skeleton on the right. Let the fireball light the second candlestick. Finish the right skeleton using charge shots (or let the fireball do for you). Now, the choice is yours, whether you need the shields to protect you or not. If not, go jump to your right and light up the two candles on the right. If Zeke needs protection, then use the shields to move step by step to the right. After, go to candle stick 4, jump left or right, let the fireball turn on the candle. After, the fireballs will disappear and the room is peaceful once more. When Zeke walks up to the exit door, a silver Knight's armor will suddenly animate itself and will try slice through Zeke's body. Use charge/ultra shots since rapid fire won't work. Get the Fortune Card in front of the second candlestick. Another Bravery Tonic in front of the third candlestick. Get the Fortune Card right side of the fireplace above the vase. Another Fortune Card is at the opposite right of the first vase in the main hall. A lion's head, two vases, a small round table on the floor all contain spirits, collect them and get a fragment.

Friendly Ghosts

Medieval Singer's Ghost

A Shakespearean opera singer is heard rehearsing, but refuses to perform on stage until someone powders his nose. Then the haunt tells Zeke to stay away from him, because of his appearance, he might be carrying diseases and claims that he can't afford to be ill for his next performance, so he demands that he leaves without touching anything.

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