The Traveler also known semi-officially as Phineas is one of the Hitchhiking Ghosts and one of the ghosts haunting the Haunted Mansion.


The Traveler is a rotund, and (in some of his incarnations) slightly hunchbacked ghost. He wears a coat and a top hat, and carries around a carpetbag. 


The Traveler is seen along with the other two Hitchhiking Ghosts (the Skeleton and Prisoner) at the end of the ride, in the Crypt, where they try to hitch a ride out of the mansion with the guests, intending (according to the Ghost Host) to "haunt them until they return" in order to help fill the Mansion's quota. Likewise, like his two partners, the Traveler is seen one last time sitting in one of the Doombuggies in the mirrors.

Other Appearances

Slave Labor Graphics Comics

In an unpublished story for the Slave Labor Graphics comic, he is given the name of Dr. Phineas Q. Hackenbush, and depicted as a former traveling quack and so-called doctor.

Kinect Disneyland Adventures

Disney Crossy-Road

In the mobile game Disney Crossy Road, he is given the name Professor Phineas Plump, which implies a similar backstory to either his comics counterpart or his Ghost Gallery counterpart.


  • In the Disney World 2011 enhancement of the Haunted Mansion he was given an open case which was filled with: A portrait of Cousin Maude, a bust of Charles Dickens, a candelabra, an urn and some silverware.
  • In concept art, cartoons, and posters he is often shown to be wearing an ulster coat and cloak although he never wears it in the attraction.
  • It has been established by fans that his name is PhineasThere is already at least one Haunted Mansion character that is officially named Phineas: Phineas P. Pock who is one of the Singing Busts and has a tombstone in both the New Orleans Square and Liberty Square Berm Cemeteries.  Phineas J. Pock, and/or Phineas Pock also appear in the form of the author of Magic from the Haunted Mansion in Disneyland and in a 1969 radio add.
  • The 2019 Host-A-Ghost Jar merchandise identified Phineas by his Disney Crossy-Road name of "Prof. Phineas Plump" and gives him the background of of a Snake-Oil salesman who died drinking a poorly brewed elixir.
  • In the Casey Jones Vynilmation figure he is incorrectly labelled as "Phineas Pock".
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