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The Tightrope Girl, also known by miscellaneous names such as Ally Gal and Tightrope Walker, is one of the more identifiable characters in the Haunted Mansion.

Over the years she has acquired several different names with the current canon one being Sarah "Sally" Slater but having also gone by the semi-official name of Daisy de La Cruz in addition to non-official names found in assorted stories.


This portrait is of a pretty, young brunette lady holding a parasol and can be found in the Stretching Room. When the painting elongates, she is revealed to be balancing on a fraying tightrope just above the open jaws of an alligator.

The name "Sally Slater" later became affiliated with the character after appearing in one of Prudence Pock's poems in the interactive queue installed at Walt Disney World's Haunted Mansion in 2011. The poem reads, "In the swamp, poor Sally Slater / Was eaten by an alligator" and while it was not explicitly the same character, the name began put in use for the Tightrope Walker in interactive games, events and merchandise. Sally has occasionally gone by the name of proper name of Sarah, with Sally being placed in quotations as if it were a preferred nickname.

Other Appearances[]

Disney Parks[]

Ghost Post[]

In the story of the Ghost Post interactive game, her name is given as Sally Slater. She is "Chief Spookswoman" and "Membership Committee Chairghost" of the Committee of Wandering Ghosts. Her voice can be heard on the Phantom Radio app, frequently in conversation with the OrganistHerr Victor Geist. She seems to be a proactive member of the committee, trying to recruit more ghosts to the cause.

Disney Story Beyond[]

Sally Slater is one of the highlighted ghosts in this Tokyo Disneyland campaign. During the event, Sally's parasol and gloves, along with her page of the Ghost Registry, could be found in the Grand Hall. In the campaign's password protected website, this is explained as Sally planning a performance in the Grand Hall and wanting to convert her page into a poster for the show with additional ribbons.

Disney Parks Meet 'n' Greet[]

The Tightrope Walker has become a face character, though primarily only coming out for Halloween and Haunted Mansion related events. When she first debuted, she was identified by her SLG comics name of "Daisy de la Cruz", though the "witch" backstory was not referenced by the character. Since the Ghost Post, the walkaround has been consistently identified as Sally Slater. She made a live appearance at Disneyland for the premiere of the 2023 Haunted Mansion film.

Film and Television[]

2003 film[]

The character appears as a ghost in the Graveyard scene and is seen sitting on a tree branch holding the parasol with both hands. However, the alligator/crocodile is written out in the film.

2023 film[]

The character appears as a haunted painting that helps Ben and Travis escape a trap in the Stretching Room that includes a group of alligators by telling them to hold onto the Gargoyles to get lifted up towards the ceiling.

Printed Materials[]

Ghost Gallery[]

The unofficial Ghost Gallery storyline says that she was the Ghost Host's first wife, Lillian O'Malley and that the alligator was summoned by Madame Leota who was jealous of her relationship with the Host.

SLG Comics[]

In the first wave of comics, her name was Daisy de la Cruz; in this version, she was, against all odds, actually the villain, while the alligator was the victim, as she was presented as a nefarious sorceress who'd turn her lovers into alligators. Her role in the Marvel comics is yet to be seen.


In 2019, "Host-A-Ghost" Jars were sold that identified the tightrope walker as Sarah "Sally" Slater. A poem on the jar reads:

“A dancer at heart, with balance for days/Caught up in a moment with a gentle gaze/Razor sharp teeth watch hungrily below/For the slightest of breeze, it started to blow/At the end of her rope, the crowd began to boo/All that they found was a single pink shoe”


  • In the original version of Disneyland Paris' Phantom Manor, a portrait of Mélanie Ravenswood in the stretching room appears to be mirroring the tightrope walker. This portrait having Mélanie with similar hair to the tightrope walker and a pink/white dress of a considerably similar style. The portrait shifted to show Mélanie wading in a river with a crocodilian river creature approaching her legs. Mélanie also dressed similarly with the Tightrope Walker with a parasol in the river/waterfall portrait.