The Phantom Wedding was a projection show at Phantom Manor. It played at Disneyland Paris on Halloween in 2004.

Show Summary

Disneyland Paris - The Phantom Wedding (Halloween 2004)

Disneyland Paris - The Phantom Wedding (Halloween 2004)

The facade of Phantom Manor was covered in a white tarp, to allow for a clean image. When the show began, Melanie Ravenswood's wedding portrait faded into view, wearing a heart-shaped necklace. Roses adorn her dress, as she sings. Her tune changes, as her voice becomes more sorrowful and her face looks distressed. The heart 'necklace' begins to beat.

The roses and heart disappear, as the grandfather clock chimes. The Phantom laughs, and the shadows of birds and bats fly over-top of her, while the organ plays. A red glow shines, as the shadow of the Phantom comes over her. Melanie's image fades to her as a skeleton. She screams, and lightning flashes.

Rain falls, before they fade into an old forest. Madame Leota comes into view, speaking her French incantations. The Phantom reappears, laughing, and the hellhound growls. The Phantom laughs one more time, before the Singing Busts appear. They sing "Grim Grinning Ghosts", with nonsense syllables. The Phantom joins in during the second voice. The image fades into the skeletons in the catacombs, with Madame Leota and the Phantom's zombie form. Lightning flashes, the music changes, and the ballroom dancers waltz. On the front lawn of the manor, ghosts dance and spin with the music.

The grandfather clock struck 12, and a vortex appeared on the manor, accompanied with the music from the secret room. The image fades into the tombstones in the Boot Hill, before they become distorted, as the voices of Madame Leota and the Phantom can be heard quietly. The projection goes out, and the lights in the manor's windows turn on. Melanie sings one more time, and the lights come back out

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