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"The Mummy's Curse" is the second story in Haunted Mansion #3. It was written and illustrated by Christopher.


The story opens with the Mummy, seated in his sarcophagus, groaning and hacking up dust, cobwebs and bugs. In a proper tone, he tells the nearby elderly ghost with the hearing trumpet how the herbal tea he recommended cleared up his throat. He then proceeds to tell his story: back when he was a young, living Egyptian prince, he sneaked into the Temple of Anubis to steal an artifact and prove he was "beyond reproach." Anubis catches the prince in the act and bestows on him the "Curse of 1,000 Curses" as punishment for his hubris.

The prince suffers from multitudes of afflictions, such as the "Seven Year Itchy Scratchies," "the Curse of the Stinky Cheese Feet," the Curse of the Amorous Camels," and many others. He pleads with Anubis for forgiveness, but the God of Mummification declares the prince can only rid himself of the curses by passing them to others, which he does for numerous centuries, even after his death and mummification. He tells of how he found himself carried as cargo in the hold of a pirate ship, leaving misfortune in his wake.

At last, the Mummy confesses that he fears hie may have influenced the disasters and curses that befell the Graceys; to which the elderly spirit responds "Eh? What? A sale on purses at Macy's?"