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This version of The Haunted Mansion was featured in Fantasyland in Tokyo Disneyland. This version is same as the one in The Magic Kingdom, with a few differences.


Wailing Skull replacing the Devil on the plaque

Notable Differences from other Haunted Mansions

  • The mansion's gates are decorated with statues of Griffons in order to tie in better with the ride being set in Fantasyland.
  • The waiting queue is decorated to look more like an unfinished wing of the Mansion left in ruin.
  • A spear is shattered through one of the windows on the Mansion's exterior.
  • The names on the tombstones in the family plot are different. New characters here included are: Mr. West, Digger, Chauncey Xavier, Brother Dodd, and Borden; existing ones are Fred, Grandpa Marc and Brother Dave.
  • The Ghost Host was voiced Teichiro Hori. The entire language is completely in Japanese.
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