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This version of The Haunted Mansion was featured in Fantasyland in Tokyo Disneyland. It was originally planned for Westernland before it was decided to save the space it was planned to go in for Big Thunder Mountain instead. This version is same as the one in The Magic Kingdom, with a few differences.


Wailing Skull replacing the Devil on the plaque

Notable Differences from other Haunted Mansions

  • The mansion's gates are decorated with statues of Griffins in order to tie in better with the ride being set in Fantasyland.
  • The waiting queue is decorated to look more like an unfinished wing of the Mansion left in ruin.
  • A spear is shattered through one of the windows on the Mansion's exterior.
  • The names on the tombstones in the family plot are different. New characters here included are: Mr. West, Digger, Chauncey Xavier, Brother Dodd, and Borden; existing ones are Fred, Grandpa Marc and Brother Dave.
  • The Ghost Host was voiced Teichiro Hori in a complete Japanese redub of his dialog.
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