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This version of The Haunted Mansion was featured in Fantasyland in Tokyo Disneyland. This version is same as the one in The Magic Kingdom, with a few differences.

Notable Differences from other Haunted Mansions

  • The waiting queue is decorated to look more like an unfinished wing of the Mansion left in ruin.
  • The names on the tombstones in the family plot are different.
  • Ghost Host was voiced Teichiro Hori. The entire language is completely in Japanese.
  • Instead of featuring a Changing Portrait Corridor, this Mansion features a hallway decorated with the Sinister 11 portraits all of whom stare at guests with glowing green eyes.
  • Instead of the endless staircase, this version of the ride features a dark room covered in cobwebs with two giant animatronic spiders. This scene used to appear in the Magic Kingdom version of the ride but was removed.
  • The Attic is features the Beating Heart incarnation of the Bride rather than the Black Widow incarnation. The attic scene also doesn't give much past the the bride's backstory and rather than the portraits of her husbands, well dressed cadavers pop out from within hatboxes.