The Spider-Web Man also known as the Man in the Spider-Web is a removed character from the Haunted Mansion in Orlando, Florida.



The Spider-Web Man first appeared in a piece of Marc Davis artwork which showed a skeletal corpse being hung from a spiderweb.


The Spider-Web Man reportedly appeared in the Liberty Square Haunted Mansion when it first opened in 1971. The appearance of the man is unknown as he was never photographed but audio of him does still exist. He reportedly was located in the Spider-Web Room (now the Endless Staircase) in which he was hung from the wall by webbing while crying out for help along with two large spiders.


When the man was removed is also unknown, some claim that it was before the attraction officially opened, while others claim to have seen him on the ride. The two leading theories for his removal say that he was removed for either being to scary for guests or that the then head of Disney Parks, Dick Nunis who believed that the figure looked "stupid".

Apparently he was stored in the space underneath the Séance Chamber after this but it is unknown if the figure still remains there or not.


  • The unofficial name of "Webster" has been used by fans to identify the character.
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