The Sinister Couple also known simply as the Couple are two ghosts haunting the Haunted Mansion.


The Couple are depicted in their portrait as being an older couple from the late 19th century. The man has black hair, a handlebar moustache and a matching suit with tie while the woman has a pinstriped purple dress, green brooch, white earrings, and has dirty blonde hair tied into a bun. The portrait shows them resting in a red room with a potted plant and portrait of a mansion in the background.


The Couple appear in portrait form in the Disney World and Tokyo Disneyland Haunted Mansions.

Magic Kingdom

In the Liberty Square Mansion the couple's portrait appears in the stairway directly after the extended Portrait Gallery.


In the Tokyo Mansion the portrait appears in the portrait corridor along with the rest of the Sinister 11 portraits. In this depiction they have glowing green eyes and stare at guests as they pass by.

Other Appearances

Ghost Gallery

In the unofficial Ghost Gallery storyline, the couple in the portrait are implied to be of the Ghost Host's aunt and uncle Elma and Richard Belle. Richard is combined with the character of the Raven and is implied to be possessing the bird, while Elma is said to be the artist behind most of the mansion's portraits.


  • Sinister

    Original Changing Portrait

    Similar to the Arsonist or Rasputin, the couple's portrait was originally intended to be a changing portrait which would have shown the wife character strangling her husband to death while smiling (in keeping with the mansion's Mariticide Motif)
  • Some attribute the portrait to being of Abby and Andrew Borden, the parents turned victims of notorious American murderer Lizzie Borden (who in part inspired the character of Constance Hatchaway). However this is unlikely considering the couple do not resemble the real life individuals and the original intention for the portrait contradicts the ultimate fate of the Bordens.
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