Mr. Sewell's tombstone

"RIP Mister Sewell
The victim of a dirty duel"
―Sewell's tombstone

In the family plot of the Mansion in Liberty Square is a tombstone for Mr. Sewell.



Mister Sewell was likely a friend or member of the family which once owned the estate that would become the Haunted Mansion. Mister Sewell came to die in a duel where there was cheating involved. Following his demise, he was buried in the family plot of the Haunted Mansion.


The tombstone is a tribute to Imagineer Bob Sewell.


  • Some theorize that this tombstone might be an indication regarding the identities of the Duelists found in the ballroom of the ride.
    • There is however no indication that the ballroom duelists had anything, "Dirty" about their duels as they both seemed to die at one another's hands. There is also no further implication of Sewell's duelist opponent in the burial-grounds which would have likely been the case had Sewell been intended to be one of the duelists.
  • Phantom Manor in Disneyland Paris has a similar character seen in a portrait made to homage the aforementioned duelists. The duelist in this portrait is shown outside of Ravenswood Manor, engaged in a duel with one Henry Ravenswood only for Ravenswood to cheat by turning around before mark and shooting his opponent in the back.
    • It is also technically possible that this duelist could have been Mr. Sewell although still unlikely, namely in explaining how the duelist would have lived and died in Thunder Mesa but have been buried in the Hudson River Valley.
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