The Servants Quarters is a room in the Liberty Square's Haunted Mansion.


The Servants Quarters is typically used for guests who want/need to go from the Foyer to the Loading Zone without passing through the Stretching Room, these guests are guided through by either a butler or a maid. The room is filled with old furnishing and lamps mounted on arm statues similar (though not identical) to those found in the Exit Crypt. Mounted on the wall also is a carved piece of wood taken from (or at least made to look like it was taken from) the Antebellum Mansion in Disneyland and which is used as a mantle for a clock.

The room features a board with keys for the different rooms and chambers in the Mansion, and another board with bells labelled: Ambassador Xavier's Lounging Lodge, Madame Leota's Boudoir, Grandfather McKim's Resting Room, Uncle Davis' Sleeping Salon, Master Gracey's bedchamber, Colonel Coats' Bivouac Berth, and Professor Wathel's Reposing Lounge.


  • The room is lit lit by wall-mounted lamps made to resemble arms as an homage to Jean Cocteau's Beauty and the Beast (1946).
  • Similarly to the Family Plot's tombstones, the names listed on the board with bells serves as homage to contributors of the Haunted Mansion.
    • Ambassador Xavier is in homage to X. Atencio, similarly to the Francis Xavier tombstone.
    • Madame Leota takes her name from imagineer Leota Toombs who provided the face of the character.
    • Grandfather McKim is in-reference to imagineer and artist Sam McKim.
    • Master Gracey takes his name from imagineer Yale Gracey.
    • Colonel Coats is in reference to artist Claude Coats, similarly to the Brother Claude tombstone.
    • Professor Wathel homages imagineer Wathel Rogers, again similarly to the Wathel R. Bender tombstone.
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