Hm maid

A maid

The Servants are the butlers and maids serving the Haunted Mansion.


Hm butler

A butler

The Servants are played by Cast Members working at the Haunted Mansion with the Maids typically being played by female cast members while the butlers are played by males. It is unclear exactly what the servants are but it is most likely that they are undead in some form, whether they are ghosts, possessed mortals, or some for of animated corpses is unknown.


The Haunted Mansion


It was once planned to have a cast-member performed butler named Beauregard serve as the host for the attraction back in Ken Anderson's Gore Mansion draft.

Phantom Manor

In Phantom Manor, the servants dress in purple coats with dark green, striped vests for butlers and skirts for maids. They all wear 19th century hats.

In the lore of the ride, when the Ravenswood estate was open it had a butler named Jasper Jones and a maid named Anna Jones with the two having been siblings. It was implied that the master of the house, Henry Ravenswood had an extra-marital affair with Anna behind his wife Martha's back.

In the unused original backstory for the ride it was elaborated that the servants were Henry's daughter Mélanie's only friends growing up. It was stated that Jasper died in 1866 when a rattlesnake started his horse causing him to fall off to his death. Anna's death occurred in 1867 but the cause is a mystery.

Mystic Manor

The servants of Mystic Manor work for Lord Henry Mystic and maintain his estate in Mystic Point, Papua New Guinea. They are dressed in purple and gold outfits and are far less grim than there paranormal counterparts.

Other Appearances

The Ghost Gallery

The Haunted Mansion (2003 Film)

There are several servants of Gracey Manor in this film, most notably being the butler Ramsley who killed his master's bride Elizabeth behind his back.

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