Sawyer Bottom is a character that appears in Phantom Manor.


Sawyer was a resident of Thunder Mesa and the owner of the Thunder Mesa Sawmill, he was one of many men that courted Mélanie Ravenswood. Mélanie's father the wealthy and powerful Henry Ravenswood did not see Sawyer as being worthy of his daughter and orchestrated Sawyer's death by strapping him to a log on a conveyor belt in the town lumber-mill. As a result, Sawyer was sliced in half by the lumber-mill's industrial buzz-saw.


Sawyer's portrait is one of four that hang in the Stretching Room, each depicting Mélanie and a suitor. The elongated portrait depicts Sawyer sitting on a log being cut in twain by a circular saw.

His name appears on one of the crypts at the end of the attraction.


  • The name Sawyer Bottom is a pun on "Saw Your Bottom", an allusion to how Sawyer was bifurcated starting from his rear. The name can also sound like "Sore Bottom" which also applies.
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