Sara Evers is a character from The Haunted Mansion film. She is portrayed by Marsha Thompson.


Hailing from the state of New Jersey, Sara is the wife of Jim Evers, mother of Megan and Michael Evers, and the co-owner of Evers and Evers Real Estate. She is brought to the mansion by Edward Gracey, as he believes she is the reincarnation of his lost love, Elizabeth Henshaw.

She is kindhearted and open minded, listening to Gracey's stories of his life eagerly. She cares for her children, willing to go through with the marriage against Ramsley's threats. She loves her husband, but is always frustrated with his workaholic nature.


The night of her anniversary with Jim, Sara is disappointed that he stood her up. As he's promising to make it up to her, she gets a call to come to Gracey Manor. Alongside her family, they travel to the manor under the pretense that she and her husband are going to sell it.

When they're settled, Edward Gracey meets her at the library and gives her a tour of the mansion, telling her his family's history and his lost love, Elizabeth. As the tour continues, Sara begins to realize that she's been brought here for more insidious reasons. When Gracey insists that she's Elizabeth, she flees to her room, causing him to doubt her identity.

Ramsley confronts her, threatening Megan and Michael if she does not go through with the wedding. She reluctantly agrees and drinks the poisoned wine goblet given to her, until Jim rushes in to stop it and reveals the truth. After Ramsley's defeat, she passes out due to the poison and Elizabeth possesses her body to revive her and reunite with Gracey, who then gives the Evers the deed to the mansion, making them the new heirs.

After the ghostly inhabitants left the Mansion for the afterlife, Sara and Jim, along with their children, leave for a proper vacation along with Leota and the singing busts, who have become part of their family.


  • Although Sara Evers is American, her actress, Marsha Thompson, is actually British, adopting an American accent for her portrayal of the role.
  • She is the stand-in for the Bride character in the attraction.
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