Sally Little is one of the ghosts associated with the Mansion near Sedgwick Park, featured in Enter if You Dare!: Scary Tales from the Haunted Mansion.


Sally Little was the daughter of a wealthy man called Caleb Little. She had planned to elope with John O'Hannon, but Caleb drew O'Hannon away before they could do so, leading to Sally dying of a broken heart. Caleb had sworn he would not let the two lovers be reunited for as long as he lived, but the two held them to his words, as Sally — now a skeleton with a glowing, beating heart — was dug out of her grave by John a few days after Caleb's death, finally marrying her elderly beau in a private ceremony.

Behind the scenes

The character is loosely based on the ghostly Bride figures from the attraction, most glaringly the original 1969 version of the Beating Heart Bride, who also resembled a skeleton.

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