R.H. Goff is an inventor briefly referanced in the Haunted Mansion at the Magic Kingdom


R.H. Goff was an inventor (likely from the late 19th-early 20th century) who invented and patented an invention called a SpectreCom which allowed the living to communicate with the souls of those deceased but who still haunt the earth as ghosts


R.H. Goff has his name written under the Patent of the SpectreCom found on Prudence Pock's crypt, allowing mortal guests to hear what she is saying.

R.H. Goff is a reference to Disney imagineer Harper Goff who made some of the first concept renderings of the haunted mansion.


  • Another character tributing Harper Goff exists in the Disney Parks Cannon who shares their surname with R.H. This character is also called Harper Goff and he is an oriental tattoo-artist and banjo instructor who had a shop in Disneyland's Adventurland Bazaar. He also was affiliated with "Trader Sam" and his banjo could be found in Sam's "grog grotto" advertising Harper's lessons. New Fantasyland also features an H. Goff as the owner of the cartography shop across from Ariel's castle.
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