The Quicksand Men are three of the ghosts haunting the Haunted Mansion.


In the Stretching Room is the large portrait of a wealthy smug-looking man with his arms crossed, wearing a brown jacket and a brown bowler hat. When the painting stretches, it is revealed that the man is sitting on the shoulders of another man in a purple jacket and white mustache, who is sitting on the shoulders of another man in a blue jacket waist-deep in quicksand.

Other appearances

SLG Comics

In the SLG comics, the men are named (top to bottom) Big Hobbs, Hobbs, and Skinny Hobbs. They were notorious gamblers and late one night were chased out into the bayou near the Disneyland Haunted Mansion. They decide to play cards to see who will carry who across the quicksand, which they thought was mud, but while stacked up on top of each other, they sank into the quicksand and drowned.

Ghost Gallery

In the unofficial Ghost Gallery storyline, the three men were said to have been mansion servants Asa Gilbert, Eddy Foster, and Daniel Patterson. The three were lured into the quicksand pit by Little Leota after they rejected her advances. Daniel was also said to have been the illegitimate son of the Ghost Host's father George Sr, Asa was the runaway half-brother of Master Gracey's mother Mary, and Eddy was the secret son of George Sr's brother Edward.


  • The allegoric interpretation of the original portrait is that it's an allegory of the futility of money, which won't stop death, just like the Tightrope Walker is thought to be a reflexion on the futility of beauty and the Dynamite Guy on the futility of power (for the same reason that they don't stop death, either).
    • For that reason, the SLG comics' backstory contradicts the original message.
  • The man with the bowler hat is notably similar to the Traveler Hitchhiking Ghost, "Phineas", and it has been theorized by some fans that they might actually be the same character.
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