Phineas Pock was the proposed name for the Lord and Master of the Haunted Mansion (possibly the Aging Man and/or Ghost Host).


A blueprint exists for a tombstone that was meant to be installed in the queue graveyard at the Walt Disney World version of the attraction, for a "Phineas Pock, Lord and Master of the Haunted Mansion". In a demo recording using an early version of the script, the Ghost Host was to introduce himself by this very epithet ("the lord and master of this haunted mansion"), suggesting the tombstone would be his. For unknown reasons, the tombstone wasn't made, but the name of Phineas Pock was repeatedly recycled, including for Phineas J. Pock (narrator of a tie-in book and possibly still the Ghost Host), Phineas Pock (an old ghost in a radio ad who died in 1720), Phineas P. Pock (a rather dim-witted-looking Singing Bust) and a Phineas Pock tombstone (at Disneyland) which might refer to any of the previous Pocks, or to another character entirely.


  • Had the tombstone been installed, it would have probably occupied the same place as the Master Gracey tombstone does now in fan lore.
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