Phineas J. Pock is a character created for the book Magic from the Haunted Mansion in Disneyland and who is credited as being the work's author. He is supposedly one of the ghosts within the Haunted Mansion.


Phineas J. Pock is the ghostly author of the book Magic from the Haunted Mansion in Disneyland.


Phineas J. Pock shares the name Phineas Pock with a fairly large number of characters in the Haunted Mansion. Given his middle-initial, the only Pocks which he knows he is not is the singing bust, Phineas P. Pock.

He might be supposed to be the Phineas Pock who died in 1720, mentioned in a radio ad, or the Phineas Pock of an unused tombstone who was referred to as "Lord and Master" and was possibly intended to be the Ghost Host.


  • Phineas J. Pock is similar to Amicus Arcane in being an undead character created to be the fictional, in-world author for the book from whence they originate.

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