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The Phantom Five in Disneyland, with two owls behind them.


Concept art of the Phantom Drummer of Tedworth

The Phantom Five are a group of ghostly minstrels that appear in the graveyard scene of the Haunted Mansion. Each has their own instrument: one a small harp, one a horn, one a flute, one a bagpipe, and one a set of bones to pound the tempo with on a tomb. They have their own music tracks separate from the base track, and a family of cats and some owls join in as well. They are known for not being the best music group. Interestingly, what they are seen playing is not always what was actually used for recording. For the bagpipe player, an oboe was used because a bagpipe was too hard to work with. Some tracks, like the flute, were recorded playing the music backwards, and the track is played in reverse, to create odd breathe effects.


  • Because they are more famous, the Singing Busts are often mistaken by fans as being the Phantom Five (due to both being musical groups in the graveyard made up of 5 undead musical artists) 
  • The Musicians who recorded the Music used for the instruments are; Gordon Schoenberg (oboe/"bagpipes"), Chet Ricord ("drummer"), Art Smith (flute), Doris Hultz Johnson (Harp), and Cappy Lewis (trumpet/"horn"). 
  • The Music for the Bagpipes were actually provided by the sounds of an oboe played out of tune, the drumming came from Chet Ricord banging stones together, the Trumpet and Flute's music is played in reverse to make unnatural breathing sounds and the Harp is the only instrument played normally. 
  • The ghostly drummer's design greatly resembles a character from a piece of Marc Davis who is labelled as being the Drummer of Tedworth, a ghost named William Drury from real life folklore who haunted his former landlord by tormenting him with the sound of his drumming after being evicted for his association with a Romani Band. 
  • If the Drummer ghost is truly intended to be the Drummer of Tedworth then this puts him (and quite possible the rest of the band) in the same distinction as Medusa, Dracula and the Flying Dutchman of being a character appearing the mansion who is a figure in real life stories of the supernatural. 
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