" Where Pachyderms reside with worms within a tomb most elegant. You'll find long gone our mastodon Beloved Penny, the elephant."
―Penny's Epitaph
Penny the Elephant is an animal buried at Disneyland's Haunted Mansion.


Penny's tomb is located in the Pet Cemetery and is an above-ground crypt with the tomb's pillars looking like upside-down elephant legs and a statue by the tomb resembling a trunk.  At the top of the crypt there is a small statue of a mouse which mirrors the myth that elephants are afraid of mice.

Behind the Scenes

The crypt of Penny was added in 2016 and is actually a cleverly-disguised exhaust chimney for the Disneyland Railroad.

Along with this, it is likely that the elephant itself is a referance to an acryllic indian-elephant statue nicknamed "Penny" which appeared in the Penny Arcade of Disneyland Paris as-well as in the Tropical Imports gift-shop in Disneyland.

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