The Parlor is somewhat of a lounge for the likes of conversation, relaxation etc. In The Haunted Mansion, the walls reconfigure when Zeke steps on the mystical rugs.


Go save and enter the door. Approach the center area with care, a bunch of Evil Spirits will appear as usual. First floor, right corner, a Fortune Card can be found there, upper right corner, a Bravery Tonic is under the balcony. Go up the stairs on the left, a Bravery Tonic plus some Spiders will be spotted there. Zeke can't reach the switch, for now. There are magic carpets here, similar puzzle to that of the Study Room. Carpet 1, upper left corner. Carpet 2, center area. Carpet 3, right corner. If Zeke stands still on the carpet, the changes keep on repeating. He can always get out of the room and come back if stuck. Too much fiddling with the carpets, may trigger some enemies ti show up. Step on carpet 1,get up the stairs on the upper left, at the end jump straight down to get a Fortune Card. Then, step on carpet 2, fireplace appear on the left side, switch appear at the end of upper left stairs. Turn it on. There will be a specific tune if you place the stairs or the switch on the right spot. After that the magical carpet is no longer useful. However, Atticus Thorn is back again more determined to fight. Well he has not changed, he is still fairly easy to beat. Get down the first few steps of the stairs so Zeke can see the right corner area exactly where the carpet 3 is located (facing the entrance). Lock the ultra shot.  First, before he appears, jump up and ultra shot him. Second, quickly charge again and when he is ready to shoot, avoid/jump and release the ultra shot. Keep repeating. -If Zeke steps on carpet 3 before carpet 2, the entrance door will move and after Zeke finishes off Atticus, the door will be back to its original place. Collect the spirits from a red sofa, and two red plush chairs. Then the interaction with the Old Lady ghost may begin and end to get the Red Soul Gem.

Friendly Ghosts

Old Lady

After Zeke shows the Old Lady her death certificate, she learns that her cup of tea had been poisoned. She hands the Red Soul Gem to Zeke.

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