Opera Glasses

The Opera Glasses Lady also known as the Seer is one of the ghosts haunting the Haunted Mansion.


The Seer is depicted as a woman with light bronze/violet skin, green eyes and long golden hair. In one arm she is carrying a large black cat and in the other she is holding up a pair of glasses which appear to have lenses which resemble eyes.


The Opera Glasses Lady appears in the Haunted Mansions in Disney World and Tokyo Disneyland, in both of them as a portrait. 

Magic Kingdom

In the Liberty Square Mansion her portrait is hung at the end of the balcony above the Great Hall before the Attic.


In the Fantasyland Mansion her portrait is hung in the portrait corridor along with the rest of the Sinister 11 portraits where her eyes glow green and stare at guests as they pass by.


Concept Art Resembling the Attic Bride


  • Despite her semi-official name of the Opera Glasses Lady, the lenses which she is holding up are not opera glasses and instead appear to be spectacles with lenses which resemble eyes.
  • It is likely that she was intended to be some form of Seer and that the occult glasses represented foresight while the strange glow on her body depicted her otherworldly qualities.
  • It is believed that she was originally designed as an early prototype of the Bride due to concept art depicting her with a veil and holding the Bride's candlestick.
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