The Oiwa bust that resides in the Disney Archives, seen in a 2012 episode of "Armchair Archivist"

Oiwa is a Japanese ghost that was proposed for the Haunted Mansion in 1965 by the Nippon Television Company. They had caught word of Walt Disney "collecting ghosts from all over the world" for the Mansion and chose to directly answer that call by sending a bust of a famous Japanese ghost to Disney as a publicity stunt. The character was rejected and the bust now resides in the Disney Archives.[1]


Oiwa was the lead character of the Japanese kabuki play Yotsuya Kaidan, a highly influential ghost story in Japanese culture. She was killed by her husband after a jealous suitor tricked her into thinking a poisonous facial cream ,that resulted in her eye becoming droopy and misshapen, was medicine. Her husband hid the fact he killed her father so they could stay married. Becoming a vengeful spirit, she haunted all who wronged her, eventually driving her husband to madness and death.


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