New Orleans Square is where the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland is located. As the name suggest, the area is entirely decorated to look like a town in the city of New Orleans, Louisiana. Pirates of the Caribbean and Port Royal are also located in this park area.



  • The Pirate's Arcade Museum:
  • The Disney Gallery:
  • The Disneyland Dream Suite:


  • Mlle. Antoinette's Parfumerie
  • Royal Street Sweets
  • Pieces of Eight
  • Cristal d'Orleans


  • Club 33:
  • The Blue Bayou:
  • Churros near Haunted Mansion
  • Popcorn near Haunted Mansion
  • French Market Restaurant
  • Mint Julep Bar (non-alcoholic)
  • Cafe Orleans
  • Royal Street Veranda
  • 21 Royal:


  • Appropriate to its name, New Orleans Square is divided up into a series of streets. These include Royal Street, Esplanade Street, Orleans Street, and Front Street.
    • The Haunted Mansion is located on Esplanade Street.
    • Pirates of the Caribbean is located on Royal Street. The building the show is housed in is known as the Royal Street Gallery.
  • New Orleans Square was once planned to have had a mega-theme connecting the stories of the Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Tom Sawyer's Island. The only true remnant of this plan is a bricked up oven-crypt marked, "1764" which homages the plan to have had a crypt in the Haunted Mansion connect to Tom Sawyer's Island.
    • The year 1764 aligns with the year Spain announced their acquisition of Louisiana. France only reclaimed Louisiana in 1800 via a secret treaty condition only for Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte of France to sell it three years later.
  • There are many allusions to historic 19th century pirate and smuggler Jean Lafitte who himself was once intended to be a major factor in the proposed mega-theme.
    • In Pirates of the Caribbean, the loading zone for the attraction is a boat-dock labelled Laffite's Landing in the Blue Bayou. The name here is misspelled but the allusion remains.
    • There is an anchor in New Orleans Square which has a plaque reading,  "Said to be from a pirate ship commanded by Jean Lafitte in the battle of New Orleans – January 8, 1815 – It is also said that Lafitte’s privateering ships left a wake of blood from the mainland to Barataria Bay – But don’t believe everything you read".
    • There used to be a silver goods and custom engravings shop in the area called, Laffite's Silver Shop (although his name is once again misspelled). 
    • Tom Sawyer's Island there is an area called Lafitte's Tavern and the other in the now extinct Fort Wilderness where a display can be seen homaging the final battle of the war of 1812 (which was the battle Lafitte partook in).
    • There are newspaper clippings on Tom Sawyer's Island stating that Jean Lafitte used to use the island as his lair.
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