The Museum Of The Weird was to have been a Madame Tussaud's-like attraction inside The Haunted Mansion's entrance. Designed and created by Rolly Crump and Yale Gracey, this attraction within an attraction was to have been a spill area, showcasing an unnerving display of oddities from all corners of the world.

Such oddities included a melting candle man, Romani and Voodoo artifacts, a chair that stood up and talked with guests, a appearing and disappearing organist, among other trinkets and items.

Though the attraction was ultimately scrapped in the end, when the Haunted Mansion became a ride-thru, many of the concepts and illusions made it into the final attraction. These included chairs with faces, a ghostly organist, a seance chamber, busts and portraits that followed you, and paintings that changed right before your eyes. Rolly's design for the enchanted Romani wagon was later reworked for what is now Madame Leota's Cart.

In 2010, there was renewed interest in the Museum Of The Weird. This time as a Walt Disney Pictures feature.

There are also similarities between the Museum and 2013 attraction Mystic Manor, in that they both feature strange and unusual artifacts from around the world that come to life.

On Oct 13, 2013, it was announced that Walt Disney Imagineering and Marvel Comics were teaming up to create a comic based on the Museum called Seekers Of The Weird.


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