Gool and Mickey

Mr Gool is the owner of the WDW Haunted Mansion according to the illustrated coloring book The Haunted Mansion: Haunted Happenings.


Mr Gool is a tall, muscula man, whose head resembles that of Frankenstein's Monster as played by Boris Karloff. Gool introduced himself to Mickey Mouse as the owner of the Haunted Mansion. He is not recognized as a ghost in the book, which suggest that he might be the current mortal owner of the house, but this is never clarified; when seeing the Stretching Room portraits, Minnie Mouse assumes that the Tightrope Walker was one of Mr Gool's ancestor, which implies he might have inherited it. Confusingly, Gool is also firmly stated to be the husband of Madame Leota, which is inconsistent with the "mortal" aspect of the character, and also by their different family names.


  • For all intents and purposes, Mr Gool fills the role of the Ghost Host in the book.
  • He is actually graphically similar to some depictions of the Hatchet Man, except for his nose, which is turned-up instead of crooked.
  • In the Haunted Mansion Holiday overlay, Madame Leota's incantations refer to her beloved "ghoul-friend". She might have been referring to Gool.
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