Mlle. Vampire was an unused character who appears in deleted Haunted Mansion scripts and concept artwork.


In deleted scripts by Ken Anderson, the Haunted Mansion attraction would have revolved around the wedding of an undead bride and groom who in later scripts were named "Mademoiselle Vampire and Monsieur Bogyman". In the earliest known script she would have been seen in a dimly lit corridor "losing her head" as her big day grew closer. In the second-known script her wedding would have been attended by the couple's personal friends the Headless Horseman, Count Dracula, Great Caesar's Ghost, Frankenstein's Monster and the Lonesome Ghosts. However Mlle. Vampire would have gotten cold feet and jilted her groom at the altar causing the wedding to be plunged into chaos.


  • Due to the campy nature of her respective story-pitch, Mlle. Vampire's name is an obvious reference to vampires and her groom's was to the "Bogeyman".
  • Whether or not the character was intended to be an actual vampire is unknown
  • In a way her Groom partly made it into the finished attraction as in Haunted Mansion Holiday, Disney's variation of the folkloric Bogeyman figure Oogie Boogie from the Nightmare Before Christmas makes an appearance. However this connection is very likely a coincidence.
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