The Mistress of Evil was an unused character who would have appeared in the never built Museum of the Weird attraction


Imagineer Rolly Crump's Concept Art for the Mistress of Evil depicts her as a demonic looking woman with large bird wings, bird talons and vampire fangs. She was shown to have long black hair with white streaks, blank eyes, and a large tattoo of the demon Baphomet on her chest. The Mistress would have worn a cloak with Ornate patterns, a serpentine dragon wrapping around her waist/leg, and a skull headdress with a large pat perched upon it.


Museum of the Weird

In Rolly Crump's original script notes the Museum of the Weird would have been shown flying above a doorway with flames coming off of her (planned to have been achieved similarly to the fire effects in the Pirates of the Caribbean Attractions) and she reportedly would have also spoke and laughed.

Seekers of the Weird

In the comic series Seekers of the Weird, the Mistress of Evil served as a villain named Despoina.


  • She was compared in scripts to the Disney Villain, Maleficent who had the title of "Mistress of All Evil"
  • Strangely enough in the final Haunted Mansion attraction, Maleficent's voice actress Eleanor Audley plays Madame Leota and her character animator Marc Davis designed the majority of the Attraction's characters and visual gags.
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