"Mister West,
Laid to rest
No mourning please,
At his request.

―Mr. West's tombstone

Mister West is one of the ghosts haunting the Tokyo Disneyland Haunted Mansion.


In the family plot of the Haunted Mansion at Tokyo Disneyland is a tombstone for Mr. West. Chained to the tombstone is a statue of his deceased dog, Digger. The epitaph and design of his tombstone is taken from the Master Gracey tombstone in the versions of the Haunted Mansion from Disneyland and the Magic Kingdom.


Idle Gentleman in the Corridor of Doors

In Tokyo Disneyland, there is no tombstone to Master Gracey, Mister West's seeming replacing it (although it is Chauncey Xavier's tomb that is always kept looking like a fresh grave). Consequently, and following the theory that the Disneyland and WDW Mansions belonged to Master Gracey, the theory has arisen that Mister West was, in life, the master of the Tokyo Disneyland manor.

  • One theory proposes that the portrait of the unknown gentleman found within the Corridor of Doors is a depiction of Mister West as it is located in a similar location to the portrait of the Ghost Host in Disneyland's Mansion and the portrait is found only in Tokyo's mansion.
  • In another theory, Mister West is simply the name of this mansion's version of the Aging Man whose hangs over the fireplace within this manor's foyer. This is because the aging man is traditionally affiliated with the identity of Master Gracey whose tomb is replaced with that of Mister West's.


  • His tombstone is a tribute to imagineer Mike West.
  • The Gentleman portrait sometimes identified with Mister West appears as if at some point it was planned to be used for a Stretching Room portrait based on the dimensions and how it is cut off at the bottom. Also his pose, and proportions nearly perfectly match those of Alexander Nitrokoff.
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