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  • I was born on May 11
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  • Thanks for doing that but just for the record I wasn't really trying to make a gallery, that picture just takes up like, a MASSIVE part of the page and I needed to put it somewhere so put Gallery as a placeholder to explain to a viewer why the large void might be there while I was working on other pages. : / . Thanks for doing that but like, could have done without the comment.

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    • Aw, sorry, 'was a joke. (Hence the "heheh".) I did assume something like that was going on.

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    • No it's no problem it's just like, since this is all in text it's hard to judge whether someone's being distinclty rude or joking ya know.  I couldn't tell and just wanted to clear that up : )

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    • On another note as a heads up I'm just cleaning up your most recent edits to seem more neutral and official for the wikia and doing some reorganizational things for altering canonicity thingies in an attempt to present both modern cannon and older cannons in a way that is easier to read and understand from a modern perception.  : )

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