Martha Ravenswood is a character appearing in the backstory to Phantom Manor.


Martha Ravenswood was born in 1802 and at some point in her life came to be the wife of Henry Ravenswood.  In 1849, Henry obtained a large wealth from founding the Big Thunder Mining Company in the town of Thunder Mesa where Henry had a large manor built for them.  Henry and Martha lived in the manor with their beautiful daughter Mélanie who Henry was obsessively protective of and never let leave the manor.  Martha and Henry's marriage however was filled with arguing and fighting, in part due to Henry's womanizing and the possibility that he was having an affair with the family's chambermaid Anna Jones.  

In 1860 both Henry and Martha died when they were caught in a massive earthquake which sent a large portion of Thunder Mesa crumbling into what would come to be known as "Phantom Canyon".  Martha's body however was recovered and she was burried in the Boot Hill cemetery beside her husband's tomb with their epitaph reading, "Quarelled and Fought as Man and Wife.  Now silent together beyond this life".


  • It is incredibly likely that Martha returned as an undead spirit due to Phantom Canyon's curse.
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