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Marc Davis

Marc Davis (1913-2000) was a legendary animator and Disney Imagineer, who worked on The Haunted Mansion in Anaheim, California. Imagineer Tony Baxter referred him as "The King Of Animation" in the behind the scenes segment of The Haunted Mansion when mentioning about the pose that the Caretaker and his dog go into to create the emotion of fear in cemeteries.


  • The Grandpa Marc tombstone is named in tribute to Marc Davis.
  • A window on Main Street U.S.A. tributes Marc Davis as being an importer of exotic art from the Far East. It is located adjacent to a tribute to his wife Alice Davis.
  • Stonework in the Walt Disney World Pirates of the Caribbean attraction reads, "Marco Daviso."
    • A character from the Pirates of the Caribbean films was named the Marquis d'Avis as tribute to Marc Davis.
  • Mr. Davis from the SLG comics was named for Marc Davis.
  • Frontierland in Disneyland Paris has adverts for Davis Coats, a coat company based in New Orleans which references Marc Davis and Claude Coats.