Enter if you dare art1

Illustration of a horseback rider moving toward the mansion near Sedgwick Park

This mansion is a haunted location in the book Enter if You Dare!: Scary Tales from the Haunted Mansion inspired by the Haunted Mansion.


Near Sedgwick Park is an old house commonly referred to as "the haunted mansion." There are many scary and otherwise strange goings-on in this Mansion, which is haunted by a wide variety of spooks (although far from 999). It is located next to a cemetery.

Notable Residents

Madame Blackheart is a fortuneteller, who works with her partner Ezekiel. She is able to take off her head and put it into a crystal ball.

Aphton is an old woman who gives free photographs to young women. Her pictures traps the souls of the vain, causing their physical bodies to vanish.

The Little Family consisted of father Caleb and daughter Sally. Caleb was a strict father, disapproving of his daughter marrying below her station. He stopped their union before they could elope, and she died of a broken heart. When he did, her beau, Alex, took matters into his own hands.


  • Although inspired by the Haunted Mansion, this "Haunted Mansion"'s design most resembles that of Phantom Manor instead. In either case, it is technically a different house.
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