Mean Green Momma

The Man-Eating Wreath also known as the Man-Eating Plant disguised as a Wreath or simply the Evil Wreath is a

carnivorous plant who appears in the seasonal Haunted Mansion Holiday and Haunted Mansion Holiday Nightmare overlays for the Haunted Mansion.


The Wreath indirectly appears as part of the Haunted Mansion Holiday logo and later on as one of the portraits in the Stretching Room.

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The Wreath appears directly within the Corridor of Doors where it has rooted itself to the corridor's ceiling and stretched it's tendrils throughout the halls and the conservatory.  The tendrils also have small and fanged flower-like buds which all sing Kidnap the Santy Claws in unison.  As guests continue they come face to face with the fanged wreath.


Like virtually all the added characters of Haunted Mansion Holiday, the Wreath originates from the 1993 animated Disney musical, Tim Burton's the Nightmare Before Christmas where it was one of many macabre christmas-gifts created by the citizens of Halloween Town after they take-over the holiday.  The wreath specifically was given to an elderly woman by Jack (as Santy Claws) when he hung it up on her front door, the wreath however became animate and sprouted tendrils to wrap around the woman, presumably in an attempt to eat her.


  • The wreath's appearance in the ride are inspired by the Mean Green Mother from Outer Space sequence of the 1986 dark-comedy musical Little Shop of Horrors, in which a giant man-eating plant called Audrey II sprouts several tendrils as well as snapping flower-like buds which partake in a musical-number.
  • In the ride the wreath has fangs while in the movie it was never shown to have any.
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