The two Spiders were removed characters from the Haunted Mansion in the Magic Kingdom and who still appear in the Haunted Mansion Tokyo Disneyland.


The Spiders are very large (for spiders) and are orange-brown with striped legs and three spots on their backs.


The Spiders appeared in the Liberty Square Mansion in the area of the attraction which now holds the Endless Staircase. They would stay on their webs doing very little by only moving their legs and making clicking noises. They appear in the exact same way in Tokyo Disneyland. Originally they appeared alongside a character they were alluded to have either killed or who they are preparing to kill but he was removed at some point leaving a large part of the the scene empty.

Haunted Mansion Holiday Nightmare

The Spiders remain in the mansion during Haunted Mansion Holiday Nightmare - Tokyo Disneyland's version of Haunted Mansion Holiday. They are accompanied by Oogie Boogie as the shadow on the moon at night and bugs in cages that shake in fear.


The Spiders in the Jungle Cruise


  • They are the exact same model of spider used in the Disney ride, "The Jungle Cruise" where they appear in the ruins of a Cambodian temple along the Mekong river.
  • In the Disneyland Mansion there is a fake normal sized spider in the Great Hall where it disguises a crack in the glass used for the pepper's ghost effect
  • Various spiders appear in the 2003 video game, some of which are orange and oversized, rather like the Man-Eating Spiders, though their appearance differs somewhat. 
  • The design on their backs serves as a Hidden Mickey
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