Madame Carlotta and Madame Renatta, sometimes called Lady Carlotta and Lady Renatta, are a pair of ghosts who live at the Haunted Mansion at Walt Disney World. They come out of the mansion every Halloween night to greet any passing guests and tell them their stories.


Carlotta and Renatta are twin sisters, the nieces of Master Gracey, and reside in Gracey Manor. Renatta was named after rigcotta cheese and Carlotta was named after a carriage lot. In their mortal lives, they were debutantes and incredibly desirable. They died from falling off of the balcony of the ballroom, trapping their lover Billy Bob in a coffin. They have a friendly rivalry with each other, and often compete.


Carlotta and Renatta can be seen exclusively at the Magic Kingdom during Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party. They rotate throughout the night - Carlotta wears the blue dress, and Renatta wears the green dress. Sometimes, they are joined by their butler, Broome. They sit on a bench on the front lawn of the attraction. Guests can gather around in front of the hearse to listen to them without getting in line for the attraction.

They have been known to come out during special ticketed events at the Magic Kingdom, but this is rare.

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