The Lonesome Ghosts are the titular antagonists of the 1937 Mickey Mouse cartoon Lonesome Ghosts. They appeared in early unused scripts for the Haunted Mansion.


In the original short, the four Lonesome Ghosts, semi-officially known as Jasper, Grubb, Boo and Moss, live in the "Old McShiver Mansion". They become bored because there was nobody left to scare and decide to hire Ajax Ghost Exterminators to come to the mansion in order for them to terrorize them. Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy come to the house armed to the teeth, but are outwitted by the ghosts. However, they are scared out of the mansion when the trio falls into molasses and flour, making them appear like ghosts.


Haunted Mansion Deleted Scripts

In unused scripts by Ken Anderson, the Lonesome Ghosts would have served as a tour guide for mortal guests in a similar fashion to the Servants or the Ghost Host of the final attraction.

The Lonesome Ghosts would have taken over the tour after the original mortal tour guide was dispatched by an undead arm emerging from the wall nicknamed "Harry the Arm". The Lonesomes would provide commentary and guide mortals to the wedding of "Mlle. Vampire" and "Monsieur Bogyman" and at the end of the attraction, take them through a secret passageway in the fireplace when the wedding guests cause a riot.

Epic Mickey

In the Video-game Epic Mickey, the Lonesome Ghosts make an appearance in the Wasteland's version of the Haunted Mansion, Lonesome Manor. Multiple Lonesome Ghosts appear in the series - eight instead of the original four - offering quests when they are spoken to.

House of Mouse

In the House of Mouse episode House Ghosts - which also features the Bride, the Executioner, the Skeletons from The Skeleton Dance, the Hatbox Ghost, and the Hitchhiking Ghosts - the Lonesome Ghosts appear around Pete, scaring him while "Grim Grinning Ghosts" is sung. After the song, they lift Mickey into the air so that he can introduce the next cartoon.

Mickey's House of Villains

The original short plays in the direct-to-dvd film, Mickey's House of Villains. They are seen in the audience, when Mickey introduces it. They are seen when the Disney Villains take over the club, joining in on the song "It's Our House, Now".


  • They are the only characters from the Mickey Mouse universe to be considered for the Haunted Mansion.
  • They are very similar to the unused character Beauregard the Butler.


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