Knight Armor

The Knights are mobile suits of armor encountered in The Haunted Mansion. Not as common as other foes, they are still a true challenge when facing them.

They were inspired by the moving suit of armor located adjacent to the Endless Hallway.


Knights are first encountered when Zeke enters the Trophy Room and start appearing afterwards. These metal foes are a deadly threat, as they move fast and land devastating blows with their axes. Owed much to their Medieval armor, the Knights are invulnerable to the power of the white and yellow soul gems, which bounces off their armor upon contact. Never alone, knights are often seen in the manor's hallways and attack from all sides. Charged shots from the Beacon, especially upgraded ones, will deal the greatest amount of damage.


The Knights appear as empty suits of shining armor, wielding long poleaxes. Often they are standing on pedestals. Just before making themselves known, they step off the pedestals, grunting and chanting war cries while engaging in combat. Upon defeat, they let out a defeated grunt before collapsing and vanishing.

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