"Julia Shrub
Such a good sport
When people would tease her
For being so-"
— Julia Shrub's tombstone.

Julia Shrub is one of the ghosts in the Haunted Mansion.


Julia Shrub, due to being buried in the Mansion's family plot, was presumably a relative or a close friend of the family that formerly owned the Mansion. Julia was very short, but didn't get upset whenever people would tease her about it, a fact that was referenced on her epitaph. Furthermore, her tombstone itself was amusingly itself too short for the full epitaph, and whoever carved it ran out of room to write the last word ("short"), leaving the sentence hanging.

Behind the scenes

This tombstone is a tribute to modern Imagineer Julie Bush, a leading landscape designer at Disneyland Park. The tombstone was added to the graveyard during the 2016 overhaul of this whole section of the ride.


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