Jim Evers is a character from the Haunted Mansion film. He is portrayed by Eddie Murphy.


Jim is a successful real estate agent with his wife, Sara, with whom he has a daughter, Megan, and a son, Michael. He loves his family, but is a workaholic, obsessed with his job and working overtime to get the next big sell. He doesn't believe in ghosts, at first, but is quickly convinced by what he sees in the mansion.


Jim Evers worked hard at his job, but ended up missing he and his wife's anniversary. He promised to make it up to her by taking her and the kids out on a fun getaway. Plans changed when they received a call to come to Gracey Manor to sell a grand estate, and they take a stop there before going down to the lake.

Jim and his family met Edward Gracey, who tells him why he wants to sell his house. When asked if he believes in ghosts, he denied it. A flood prevented them from leaving, and they were forced to stay the night at the manor. He and his wife were separated, when Ramsley brought him to the library, to meet with Gracey.

When he was left alone, Jim snooped around, discovering a hidden corridor and wandering around the mansion. He came across portraits that changed when he walked by, busts that followed his movement, and a breathing door. It wasn't until he met Madame Leota that he began to realize he was brought here under false pretenses, and that his family is at stake. Megan and Michael told him about Elizabeth Henshaw, and they were given the mission to discover what happened to her.

Jim and his children go to the graveyard to find the key, where they encountered a group of singing busts, zombies, and hitchhiking ghosts. They found it in a mausoleum and took it to the attic, where it unlocked a trunk. He read Elizabeth's last note and learned that she did not take her own life - she was murdered by Ramsley. Ramsley threw him out of the mansion and locked him out, while he locked away the kids and threatened Sara to marry Gracey.

After encouragement from Leota, Jim drove his car into the mansion and freed his children from a locked trunk. He interrupted the wedding and told Gracey the truth about Elizabeth. Ramsley summoned a fire dragon, which sent him to hell. Jim was almost dragged down with him, but Gracey saved him. Elizabeth was reunited with her husband, the curse was lifted, and Jim along with his family, become the heirs to Gracey Manor.

As he and his family drive for a proper vacation, it is revealed that Leota and the singing busts have become part of their family.

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