Jasper Jones is a deceased character referanced in Phantom Manor.


Jasper Jones was a man living in Thunder Mesa who worked as the man-servant of Henry Ravenswood, the then owner of the Big Thunder Mining Company.  Jasper Jones was a loyal man to servant and spent alot of time with his daughter Mélanie who was not allowed to leave the manor's grounds.  Jasper and his sister Anna (who was the manor's chambermaid) were Mélanie's only friends growing up and likely continued to serve her after her parents's deaths in the Thunder Mesa 1860 earthquake.  Six years later, Jasper died when his horse was spooked by a rattlesnake and he was thrown off the animal.  His remains were buried by the manor in the Boothill Cemetery where his sister Anna would be buried beside him, only a year later.


  • Due to the date of the Ravenswood Wedding being unknown, it is possible that Jasper was involved but in the original story-draft the wedding only happened after his death.
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