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Jacques Shrillman is a character from Phantom Manor.


Jacques Shrillman was a (likely francophone) violinist and resident of Thunder Mesa during the 1860s. On the 9th of may in 1865, Jacques hit a wrong note during a performance and was subsequently violently hanged to death by a mob of enraged music lovers. He would come to be buried in the Boot Hill adjacent to Ravenswood Manor.


"Jacques Shrillman Lynché par une poignée de mélomanes, Une fausse note l’aura tué"- Shrillman's tombstone.

Jacques' tombstone can be found outside of Phantom Manor in the exit. His translated tombstone reads as, "Lynched by a bunch of music lovers A wrong note was his end”.


  • The specificities of Jacques' death might be a very poor-humoured reference to the history of racially motivated mob-lynchings in America. Namely being that he died exactly one month after the end of the American Civil War (ended in April 9th, 1865) and he was very specifically killed via lynching which is well known for having been used in the south by white mobs against innocent black peoples.