Ignatius "Iggy" Knight is a spirit haunting Phantom Manor.


Ignatius Knight was a dynamite manufacterer who did business with the Big Thunder Mining Company in Thunder Mesa. At some point in his life, Ignatius became a suitor to Mélanie Ravenswood but her father Henry who was Big Thunder's owner did not approve of the union. Due to this, Henry arranged for Iggy to die in one of the caverns of Big Thunder Mountain from a large dynamite blast which was framed as an accident.


Ignatius appears in portrait form within the Stretching Room, standing atop a tower of TNT boxes in a mine.

Later in the attraction his tomb can be spotted within the crypt of Mélanie's dead lovers.


  • The name "Iggy Knight" is a pun on the word "Ignite", referencing how the explosives he was standing upon were ignited resulting in his death.
  • Ignatius is a Phantom Manor counterpart to Alexander Nitrokoff.


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