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The Hudson River is a North American river.


The Hudson River flows from the Adirondack Mountains of Upstate New York, through New York and New Jersey states to a drain in the Atlantic Ocean. It serves as the political boundary between New Jersey and New York and is also the central water-body of the Hudson River Valley. The river originally had the Iroquois name of the Ca-ho-ha-ta-te-a ("The river") from when it was predominately inhabited by the Mohican tribe though the Lenape tribe would also give it the name of 'Muhheakantuck'.

Notable Appearances

  • The Legend of Sleepy Hollow: Washington Irving's short-story the Legend of Sleepy Hollow is set in a semi-fictional village in the Hudson River Valley known as Sleepy Hollow which is knows for high amounts of superstition regarding ghosts and spirits.


The Hudson River Valley is the setting of the New York village in-which Walt Disney World's Haunted Mansion is set (the Hudson here being represented by the Rivers of America). Said village also including the Columbia Harbour House and Madame Leota's shop Memento Mori with it also being frequented by the Liberty Belle Riverboat. The mansion itself is found along the Hudson in a part of the river called Howling Dog Bend, a river-bend seemingly named for the Hellhound of the mansion's grounds which can be heard howling from the river. The mansion is also found nearby a dock along the Hudson and is said to have been built on an indigenous American burial-ground.